How to get married at Home Affairs

The Department of Home Affairs is the one that handles all the nuptial issues, and requirement or guidelines to follow. They are:

  • You have to be legally allowed to get married in South Africa.
  • Be aware of the legal consequences that come as a result of your union.
  • The wedding is valid by complying with all South African laws.

The following documents are also necessary:

  • Each partner should have a valid identification document.
  • For divorced partners, they should have the divorce documents.
  • In case a South African is getting married to a foreigner, both partners must have valid passports. You are also supposed to complete a BI-31 Form.
  • Widowed partners should have a valid death certificate of their late spouse.
  • Minors must have written consent by either the Commissioner of Child Welfare, parents, a judge, or a legal guardian. The consent should also be on a DHA-Form and should come from the Minister of Home Affairs. A minor is an individual below 18 years.

You need to make appointment to get married at the Home Affairs. You are to apply for a nuptials certificate from the Department Home Affairs three months before the preferred wedding date.

On the day of the wedding, you can only bring a maximum of six guests, and they should have their IDs. You will also need two witnesses. The ceremony can be done at the Department offices, in the hospital if one partner has a medical emergency, or in a private room with open windows. Getting married in court is also an alternative if you want to make your vows before a judge.

All couples must attend an interview session at the Department of Home Affairs offices. If the interview is failed, then both partners wouldn’t be advised to tie the knot.

For the Home Affairs Marriage Certificate, couples are given a free marriage certificate South Africa also known as BI-27 from the person officiating the ceremony.

The person officiating the wedding has signed a nuptials register. The witnesses, at least two, have to be present and should also sign the nuptials register. The Department of Home Affairs will record your wedding information in the NPR.

You will also have to pay a fee of R75 if you are requesting for a re-issuance of the abridged or unabridged wedding certificate. You should also know that abridged wedding certificates can be handwritten or computer-generated.

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