How to earn and use MTN loyalty points

There are many reasons why MTN continues to retain its spot as one of the one of the most loved and used mobile network providers in South Africa, and one of those reasons is the MTN Loyalty program.

This program allows customers in South Africa earn as they spend money on their phones. MTN literally rewards you for the cash you use on your network! These rewards are earned through MTN’s 1-4-1 Loyalty Program.

It includes pre-paid customers or pay-as-go customers and also those under contract. Under this program, every R1 spent is equal to one point.

Another beautiful thing about this program is that there are no limits to how you spend the cash to earn the points.

You could gain points by sending an SMS, making a call, or surfing the internet. Once you are connected to the MTN network, you can keep earning points even if you’re not using your phone.

The points are credited to your account immediately you use R1, and so you can constantly check how many points you have.

How to Register

One cannot start earning rewards without registration. As much as the fact is, the program is available for all the network users. Follow the following steps to register on the loyalty program:

  • Dial a code plus your South African Identification Number. i.e., *141*9*ID number#.
  • After that, press the dial button and wait.
  • If you have successfully registered, a message will pop up on the screen indicating that your registration was successful.

If there is no confirmation, it means that the registration was not successful. In that case, repeat the process carefully and see if you succeed.

Where are points earned from?

The rewards can be attained from any of the following:

  • SMS bundles
  • Data bundles
  • MTN airtime
  • Musiq bundles

How to check MTN points

How do I check my MTN points balance is a question everyone asks after registration. Follow the following procedure to find out your balance.

  • Dial 136 to get updates on remaining data, airtime, and SMS.
  • Dial *136# to get a summary balance.
  • Dial *136*1# and get a detailed balance.
  • Dial *141*9*0# to know the points balance.

How to use the reward points

“How do I redeem my MTN loyalty points” is a question that most new users ask. Before you make up your mind on what way you want to use your bonuses, start by checking the balance. Once you are sure that you have a substantial balance, proceed to select either airtime, SMS, internet bundles, competition, or donations.

1. Airtime

To use them for airtime follow the following procedure:

  • Dial *141*9*2#
  • Select One to be specific that you want airtime.
  • Between keys, one and seven, select the amount you would like. The amount will depend on the bonuses you have.
  • Select one again to confirm your request.

2. Internet bundles

  • Dial *141*9*2#
  • Select Three, which represents internet data.
  • Between the keys, one and seven, select the amount.
  • Press One to confirm.

3. Musiq bundles

  • Dial *141*9*2#
  • Key in 5 to select musiq bundles.
  • Choose between one and four to request the amount you want.
  • Select one to confirm.

4. SMS bundles

  • Dial *141*9*2#
  • Select 2 for SMS bundles.
  • Fill in any key between 1-6 to identify the amount.
  • Select 1 to confirm.

5. Competitions

The bonuses can also be used to enroll for numerous promotion competitions within the network. To subscribe, follow the below procedure.

  • Dial *141*9*2#
  • Key in number four to access the competition menu.
  • Select any number that corresponds with the competition of your choice.
  • Select one to confirm.

6. Donations

Not only can you use the points to benefit yourself, but also help someone in need. To donate MTN points, follow the following guideline.

  • Dial *141*9*2#
  • Select six that represent donations.
  • Key in any number of choice that corresponds with the donation of your choice.
  • Select one to confirm.

There is a specific requirement of points for each particular product. To get the full list, you can look up for the bonus prices. Moreover, you can call the network customer care by dialing 135 or 083 135 from any other phone.

MTN loyalty points USSD

MTN loyalty points code depends on the service you are seeking. For instance, the code used to redeem your points and to check the reward balance tends to differ. While enjoying the network services, use the appropriate USSD in order to get desired results.

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