How to check tittle deed in South Africa

For every landowner, it is essential to have a tittle deed to claim ownership of land. If you want to prove the validity of this legal document, you need to know how to check title deeds.

This help in easing unnecessary land issues and legal drama. The process may differ depending on your area of residence in South Africa.

If you own a land in South Africa and you want to know how to check title deeds, then you are in the right place. You can either do it online or get assistance at your nearest land reform office.

Its essential to provide accurate information when checking a title deed in SA, because property ownership is a highly sensitive matter.

Step by step guide on how to check title deeds in SA

Initially, when an individual wanted to check their land documents, they had to go to the deeds office to seek the help they required. However, before they got any assistance, they had to stand in long queues, which sometimes meant that you had to drive there the next day if you did not get the help you needed. This procedure was tiring, time-consuming, and daunting for some.

However, thanks to technological advancement, most people can now relax and check the deeds via a mobile phone. Searching for these documents online can be done at, my deed search South Africa or at DeedsWeb. DeedsWeb is the official site of the National Department of Rural Development and Land Reform. It disseminates information about all matters involving property ownership.

Option one: Online checking

So, if you want to check for this legal manuscript using the deed search, then here are the straightforward steps that you ought to follow:

  1. Log into the website. After logging in, you will automatically be directed to the homepage.
  2. On the homepage, you will get to see the most requested searches most people using the website tend to search for. They could be, for example, property search, person search, the check of the current status of the transfer, among many others. If you do not happen to see your search result among the popular searches, do not panic. There is a search icon where you can always type something.
  3. In our case, you are checking for the title. So, go ahead and key in your search if it is not among the popular searches. In most cases, when individuals are checking for their land ownership rights, it is because they have misplaced them. If not, most check to ensure that their document is valid. Whatever the case is, one will get the help they require here.
  4. After specifying the kind of help that one needs, the website processes the information. An individual is asked to wait for the results, which will be sent to your email address. Therefore, give your official or a valid email address to ensure that the results do not get posted elsewhere.

Option two: Registry office assistance 

Another well-known way that an individual can obtain this manuscript is by contacting the deeds registry. One should take these steps:

  1. Visit the deeds office in person because the registry needs physical proof instead of assurance through a letter or via a telephone call.
  2. After arriving, one must proceed to the information desk. Here, you will find an agent and tell him the help you need. After listening, the agent will assist you in filling in a comprehensive form. Afterward, they will tell you the next procedure you should take.
  3. After this, one must go to the data typist. This individual is responsible for searching for the property. The search may take half an hour or one hour. In the massive offices, the procedure may even take longer, which may prompt the copy to be collected later on.
  4. One will be expected to pay a particular fee at the cashier’s office for this service. It is crucial to note that the office accepts cash only. After paying, one must return with their receipt to the informant who assisted them at the information desk.
  5. The digit of the receipt will be issued to your copy of the title.

How much does it cost to do a deed search?

Besides people enquiring about the working time of the deeds office Cape Town, another famous inquiry is the cost of the service. Thus, you will come across individuals online enquiring about how much getting a copy of title deed South Africa will cost.

If not, you will come across searches online such as ‘find owner of property South Africa free of charge’. The truth of the matter is that there is a fee that one has to pay. For instance, if one wants a deeds office tracking system inquiry, they will be required to pay R8 for every inquiry. On the other hand, if they wish to enquire about a property or individual, they will be required to pay R8 for each enquiry.

Can I do a title search myself?

Deed search is a user-friendly website that can be accessed from anywhere, regardless of whether it is at the comfort of your house or workstation. The site is easy to navigate, and it has helped in eliminating the previous government bureaucracy.

For one to prove the ownership of their possessions in South Africa, they ought to look for it manually at the Deeds registry, or online at several platforms like DeedsWeb. This guide will help you learn how to check title deeds both online and manually.

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