How to check Telkom data balance

Telecom is one of the most leading network in South African and so many other African countries.

When you make use of the internet it is always advisable to check your data balance to know the volume of your data so you can plan on how to manage your data or avoid going offline suddenly.

How can I check Telecom data balance? The process is easier than you think. These 5 methods will be very helpful when you need to check your balance instantly:

1. My Telkom service

You can check your internet usage an interactive usage an interactive user website named My Telkom without even having an account. Here you will also get to see your Telkom data balance.


This is a platform for the South African Telkom customers to manage their internet broadband usage. For you to use this service, you need to first have an account. Once you have an account, you can then visit their website and log into your account.

3. My Telkom mobile app

You can get my Telkom mobile app from different platforms. Once you have the app, you need to first register for my Telkom service account. If you already have an account, you can then procced to log into your account and there you will be able to view your balance.

4. Using USSD code

The Telkom data check can be done through your phone using the USSD method. Simply use your phone with the Telkom line inserted in it. Dial *188# from your phone and call. It only takes a few minutes for the balance to appear.

5. The 1VR menu

Take your phone, dial the number 188 and call. Once you have called, the voice menu will direct you to the Telkom data check option.

Hopefully, checking your data balance on Telkom wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Just find out which method works for you and go ahead and use.

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