How to block a stolen phone on Vodacom South Africa

How do you block a stolen phone on Vodacom South Africa? If you are looking for this information, then you have come to the right place.

Unfortunately, phones being stolen is a daily occurrence in South Africa. In most instances, the thieves will politely ask you to kindly hand your phone over.

Reporting and blacklisting a Vodacom stolen phone is the best way of securing your vital data.

What is more, it prevents any fraudulent money transactions that can be made through your SIM card. Read along and discover how to report, block, and track a Vodacom lost phone.

Vodacom report stolen phone procedure

Just like any legally lost property, reporting a stolen phone involves the law, insurance (if insured), and importantly the Vodacom company. But first, “Vodacom My Security” emphasizes the urgency of protecting the lost phone data from being accessed by malicious individuals. As a result, it is first advisable to contact the Vodacom Customer Care unit and report the lost/stolen device.

Customer care contacts

So, how do I contact Vodacom Customer Care? You can call them on 082 135 for blocking services or any other assistance. The customer care service is free when calling through a Vodacom line. However, when using a landline or other mobile service provider phones, you will be charged the standard rates.

Locking SIM card and blacklisting lost Vodacom phones

The first thing to do when you realise that your gadget is lost or stolen is to lock your SIM card. Blacklisting your device will be the second most important decision to make. The two security protocols are explained below.

SIM card locking

For you to lock your SIM card, you will have to contact the customer care under the report stolen phone Vodacom inquiry. The agents will then proceed with the Vodacom block number option of your choice: hard-lock or soft-lock.

Types of sim lock

SIM card lock is performed to protect access to contacts and mobile financial services that might be registered through your SIM card. Vodacom provides its subscribers with two SIM locking options.

1. Hard-lock

This is also referred to as “full-admin” SIM locking. Hard-lock ensures that your SIM cannot access any calls (incoming) or cannot make calls (outgoing calls).

2. Soft-lock

Unlike Hard-lock, soft-lock enables your SIM card to receive calls (incoming) but not make calls (outgoing). In the event of theft or misplacement, the service provider can call the device and locate it when still on. On the other hand, the finder/thief will not be able to impersonate you by making calls.

A soft-lock is also essential in “how to find a stolen phone.” The police in collaboration with Vodacom or legitimate tracking companies can locate the device by making calls and using GPS to show its current location.

Blacklisting your phone

Blacklisting is an extra yet vital measure to protect your information from fraudulent activities by reporting that your phone was stolen. Since cellphone applications are located on the device and not the SIM, blocking or blacklisting the device ensures that it cannot be connected to any other network service provider.

Importance of blacklisting

  • Prevents Apps from launching: Since applications, calls, and financial services depend on the service provider, your data will be safe and sound, and the gadget will be useless to the unauthorized user.
  • The device cannot be used by placing a new SIM card or a different service provider network.
  • Insurance companies will require you to block your phone as a measure of ensuring that no critical information or financial losses would take place in case it is stolen.
  • An ITC number will be provided to you that enables you to make insurance claims through the police.

How to block a stolen phone 

For a successful Vodacom blacklist, follow the below simple steps.

1. Contact Vodacom Customer Care

Their hotline number is 082 135. Just like SIM blocking, the call rates are free when made through Vodacom phones while regular rates apply when using other service providers.

2. Ask the agent to provide you with your device’s Input Tax Credit number

So, what is ITC? ITC stands for Input Tax Credit number. It represents the tax you paid to buy your device. ITC is used by insurance companies in calculating the compensation amount for your lost device. Vodacom tracking lost phone also requires you to provide your device’s ITC no. to prove that you are the legal owner of the phone.

ITC contact details: Customer care contact: 082 135 (free from Vodacom phone)

Fax: 011 546 9000

Email: [email protected]

3. Proceed to the nearest police station to report the theft case

It is essential to do so as your device or data can be used in performing criminal activities. Reporting will prove that you were legally not in possession of the device during the case of any illegal activities relating to your device.

How to unblacklist a phone in south Africa

If you successfully regain your lost device, you will have to unblacklist it to activate its usage. Follow the below steps to successfully unblacklist your phone.

1. Contact customer care by calling their hotline no. on 082 135. Just like blacklisting, the service is free through Vodacom lines while standard rates apply across other networks.

2. You will be requested by the operator to correctly fill an unblacklist request form. Make sure that you tick the appropriate options such as the “unblacklist” option in the form. After finishing, download and email the form to [email protected] A single copy of your National ID should be attached to the form.

3. Once the service provider unblacklists your gadget, it is mandatory to put it off for 24 hours to enable successful backend restoration.

4. Confirm if your device is unblacklisted. This is by either receiving a call or making a call.

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