How to become rich in South Africa

It’s most people’s desire to get rich, and there are different ways to make money without breaking the law or finding yourself behind bars.

Check out the different ideas on how to get rich in SA:

  • Savings and investments
  • Build your career
  • Create wealth around your passion

Below are reasonable things you can invest in:

  • Financial and professional services
  • The real estate sector
  • Mining, farming, and chemicals
  • Technology and telecommunications: Leading companies in this sector are: Vodacom Group, Mobile Telephone Network (MTN), Huawei Technologies, Ericsson-Worldwide, MTN Group (South Africa), Altech Netstar, Nokia, Vodafone

You can also get rich online without having to go out steadily to earn money. At the comfort of your home, you can become rich. Check out the following ways:

Connect service providers to home-based clients

Start an online platform that connects service providers who offer mobile services to clients from their homes. For example, bridge the gap between cleaners, tutors, and beauticians customers.

Get into a software development career 

Commuter-driven online services: Hire coders to develop an app or website, where commuters share information about public transport routes and delays within a specific city. T

Sell goods on eCommerce platforms

Launch an online school and a digital publishing platform 

Become an online professional consultant 

Become an online tour operator 

Start an online advertising agency 

Invest in offering online companies delivery services


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