How to apply your first makeup as a beginner

The cosmetic industry is constantly thriving this is because every day more people use makeup to enhance their beauty and boost their self-confidence. The art of making up is a skill that can be learnt.

While some can do it flawlessly, others find it difficult to even hold a pencil to their face. The starting point of learning this art begins with buying the right beauty products for your skin type and tone.

Even if you are skilled in the art, if you do not use the right cosmetics, you will not get the desired look you plan to achieve.

In learning to make up your face, you don’t have to waste your resources buying lots of beauty products you might not use rather you should concentrate on buying the essential tools that will aid your learning as a beginner.

The essential tools you need to have as a beginner include: Makeup brushes, Beauty blender sponge, Primer or moisturizer, Foundation, Concealer, Highlighter, Brow pencil, Lipstick, Bronzer, Blush, Eyeshadow and Mascara.

It is only when you have gotten these tools that you can then truly begin to start learning the skill.

How to do makeup step by step
1. Start by applying the primer and moisturiser
A primer or a moisturiser provides the perfect base for making your makeup look good. Both of these products are applied before you put any makeup to ensure smooth foundation application and to allow your makeup last the whole day.
How to apply primer and moisturiser
1.Wash your face with a soap that is ideal for your skin type.
2.Using a sponge or your fingertips, apply your favorite moisturizer all over your face from the center and work your way out while avoiding the eyelids.
3.Allow the moisturizer to fully be absorbed for 2-5 minutes before applying your primer.
4.Squeeze your primer on a flat brush or use your fingertips.
5.Apply and blend the primer on the eyelids starting from the lash line and into the brows and under the eyes from your nose outwards.
6.Give the primer a minute to be absorbed so that it can create a smooth surface. For oily skin, avoid using moisturizers and instead only use a primer.
2. Apply the foundation
After applying the moisturiser and primer, the next thing to be done is to apply your foundation. For a beginner, it is best to use a foundation that gives full coverage and a natural-looking effect. It should also match your undertone and skin shade. An excellent way to test this is to match your foundation in natural light, like in front of a window.
How to apply foundation
1.Add two pumps on your foundation sponge or brush.
2.Dab the foundation onto your skin without forgetting the neck.
3.Blend the foundation outwards starting from the center of the face and extending to the ears.
4.Take a wet beauty blender sponge and gently dab it over your face. This technique helps melt the foundation into your skin.
5.Finally, using the pointed tip of the beauty blender sponge, blend out the foundation around the eyes and nose area.
3. Apply pressed powder if you used a liquid foundation
Most men are quick to say that they do not like a woman with makeup because of the cakey look. You should leave the cakey look for delicious cakes. Otherwise be careful with the compact or setting powder as a lot of it can accentuate wrinkles and make you look older.
To apply powder, you first have to know your T zones especially if you have oily skin. Concentrate the powder on oily areas of your face by dabbing powder using a small brush and then lightly sweeping over those areas.
For ladies with normal or dry skin, avoid pressing the powder in your face. Instead, sweep all over the face to ensure your makeup remains beautiful all day long. Another trick that allows the powder to sit evenly especially for ladies with oily skin is to put a blotting paper on the oily areas to remove excess oil.
Then, choose a compact powder that is light yet will stop the foundation from separating. When it comes to makeup, if your goal is to learn what works for your face, keeping it simple.
4. Apply the concealer
Investing in a concealer palette that has several shades is always a great option. This is because a yellow concealer tends to work for small purple bruises or purple imperfections while an orange concealer is for camouflaging dark circles. On the other hand, green concealer is for acne, blemishes or redness. So, if your face has more than one imperfection, then you will need more than one type of concealer.
How to apply and use a concealer
Always go for a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin tone and one shade lighter than the foundation.
Go for lightweight concealers to avoid getting the cakey look.
Use concealer to cover up make up application mistakes.
If you have a thick concealer, then dabbing a small amount of the product will be enough to give good coverage.
When it comes to how to put on makeup for beginners, the trick to always getting it right is to apply liquid and cream beauty products before powder products. Therefore, if you have a powder foundation and a liquid concealer, then you must apply the concealer first and then the foundation.
If you are using a liquid concealer, after blending the product, you need to set your under-eye using a setting powder. This helps prevent the cakey effect and creasing of the fine lines.

5. Apply the bronzer
A bronzer is a must have in your makeup bag as it adds dimension and warmth to the face. Just like when choosing a foundation, with a bronzer, you also need to consider your undertone. For example, a bronzer with orange undertones is ideal for olive to darker skin tones.

How to apply bronzer
Understanding makeup tutorials step by step is not just about the products you use but also the brushes. A fluffy brush is the best for applying a bronzer. The right way to apply a bronzer is where the sun tends to hit: on top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose and across the forehead. Here is a step by step guide on how to apply your bronzer:
1.Gently dab the fluffy brush on the bronzer.
2.Tap off any excess product.
3.Apply the bronzer across the hairline in a circular motion.
4.Dab the brush in the bronzer and swipe the product in a line starting from the ear to the apple of the cheeks.
5.Blend the product out using circular strokes.
6.Continue defining your look by blending more of the bronzer along the edges of the jawline up to the chin.
7.Continue blending under your chin and neck.
8.Finally, use a small amount of the bronzer to define your nose by sweeping it down on each side of the nose.
6. Apply the blush
The blush gives your face a pop of colour, but applying this product depends on your face shape and skin tone. To make your blush look fantastic, choose a shade that complements your skin. Bright reds and orange are perfect for women with dark skin as they create a beautiful contrast.
How to apply the blush
The blush can quickly transform your face if you know how to use it based on your face shape. While there are specific makeup tutorials for dark skin, when it comes to blush, all women look fantastic when it is concentrated on the apples of the cheeks. Here is a simple method to follow when applying blush:
1.Sweep a fluffy brush with a flattened head on your blush and tap to remove the excess.
2.Contort your face as if you are smiling and apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks in circular motions.
3.Blend it in using a blush brush.
4.If you have sharp cheeks, then apply the brush starting from the back near the ears and drag the colour forward towards the beginning of the apples.
5.Ladies with heart face shapes should apply the blush along the cheekbones and diffuse it upwards towards the temple. To bring your face together, you will need to add a bit of blush to the forehead and sides of brow if you have an oblong face.
6.For ladies with a round face, the fullest part of the face is the cheeks so avoid blending the blush towards the nose. Ladies with square faces will achieve a natural look by sweeping the blush down to the nose.
7. Draw the eyebrows
Newbies in the makeup world will not be happy to know that drawing the eyebrows is a skill that takes time to learn. But even with all the trouble, knowing how to draw the eyebrows is essential as perfect eyebrows help to frame the face. You can easily avoid the crooked eyebrows by using eyebrow stencils which ensure that you always have a natural look. However, even with stencils, you still need to know how to fill in the eyebrows.

Here is a simple step by step guide:
1.Start by brushing your eyebrows using a spoolie brush. This is to create the natural shape of the brow and bring out any uneven brow hairs.
2.Using tweezers, pluck out the stray hairs which can be in between, above and below the eyebrows.
3.Next, use a brown eye pencil to outline your ideal brow shape. Make sure it follows your natural shape.
4.Using the eye pencil, fill in the eyebrows by coloring in between the brow shape; use short strokes to mimic the eyebrow hairs.
5.Dip a flat angled brush in your concealer and use the product to outline the brows.
6.Blend the lines of the concealer using your makeup sponge.
7.Brush your highlighter under the arch of the brow to give your eyebrows a perfect look.
8.Apply eyeliner on the upper lid and for a dramatic effect, also apply on the lower one.
8. Apply the eye-shadow

When it comes to eye-shadow make up application, it is all about having fun with colors.
1.First, choose your favorite three shades: a main tone which will be the focus color, a lighter shade like silver or gold and a darker eye-shadow which should be darker than your main shade.
2.Apply your main shadow on the eyelid with a flat eye-shadow brush.
3.Apply the dark eye-shadow on the crease.
4.Using an angled brush, apply the lighter shade in the inner corner of the eyelids to highlight your eyes.
5.Complete your look with your favorite lipstick and mascara.

Makeup does make a difference in how physical attractiveness is perceived. Whether for a special event or a simple everyday look, knowing how to apply makeup can take years off your face and give you a youthful look. The trick is to use the right products to enhance your best facial features. By following the above step by step makeup tutorial, you will look amazing all the time.

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