How to apply for an aegrotat in UNISA

An aegrotat exam is an examination conducted by an institution or a body when a student fails to show on the original date for an exam due to illness or one medical condition or the other.

It shouldn’t be confused with a supplementary exam which a student takes when he/she fails an exam of refuses to meet up with the cut-off mark.

In UNISA this exam is conducted at a latter special date for students who are too ill to sit for an exam but only according to the Rule 18 of the university’s student rules.

These rules require the student to fulfill certain obligations that would justify the reason for applying for an aegrotat.

Before you can apply for an aegrotat, you should know that your application will only be considered if you had submitted your application before the examination or during the examination.

Also, you must provide a medical certificate from a doctor who is registered with South Africa Medical and Dental council. This certificate should include the nature of illness, the day it began and how long it is expected to last or when it ended.

It should also declare that for the specified health reasons, it was undesirable or impossible for the university student to sit for the exam(s).

The dates on the issued medical certificate must correspond with the dates that the student was to sit for the exams, and the student’s number has to appear on all documents.

How to apply for an aegrotat
If you were able to fulfill the above conditions, then you may proceed to apply for the aegrotat or UNISA special exam by following the steps below:
First, you have to complete the required form or write a letter indicating your student number and study unit(s) you want to do.
Attach the medical certificate or any other document that can act as evidence to justify your reason for missing the examination.
The required exam fee must be attached to the applications. All applications are to be submitted within 10 days of the date which the examination occurred and sent to:
The Registrar (Academic)
PO Box 392,
UNISA 0003,
Alternatively, you can send the application via an electronic form.
Lastly, you can submit your application for the exams via UNISA aegrotat email using the address; [email protected] Note that your student number must be used as the subject of the mail.
Note that late and incomplete applications will be rejected. Also, the exam fees for aegrotats and special exams are not refundable or transferable.
You will be required to pay R240 as UNISA aegrotat fees. The same amount is payable for special examination, supplementary examination, and for remarking of examination script.

Also, you are qualified to sit for the special exams in cases where personal circumstances, including work commitments or serious illness or death of a relative, could not allow you to sit for the main exams.

To sit for UNISA special exams, proper evidence will be required during application, for example letter from employer in case it is work related.

And if the student applying is physically challenged, they must apply in writing annually before 28th February for the May/ June exams and before 31st July for October/ November or January/ February exams to secure a special venue.

The student must also submit a medical certificate indicating the nature of his/ her handicap.

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