How do you fix a confirm form resubmission error?

The whole world through the internet has evolved to become a global village, more than half of the world’s population now uses the internet for different things.

Even some of the remote places in the world now have internet access which implies that at one point or the other you must have come across the confirm form resubmission error especially if you are a Google chrome user.

Often, most people do not understand what this means when they see it and so they begin to despair. Interestingly, there are several solutions you can adopt in fixing this bug.

This bug can occur when you try to press the reload button to resubmit a data or when you press a back button to go back to the previous page.

Some experts have argued that this is a feature of the browser and not an error as most people think.

This error pops up due to reasons that are commonly attributed with; poor internet connection, refreshing pages that contain a specific kind of form, and trying to go back to the previous page while submitting a form.

Despite these challenges that keep reoccurring, there are solutions that have been explored extensively to fix these bugs. Some of them are listed below:

1.Clear browsing data from Google Chrome
Remember to clear your chrome browser constantly, while doing that ensure to pay attention your browsing history, cookies, cached data, media licenses and passwords. Once your browser is cleared, you can then try to Google chrome again. The bugs might have been reoccurring because of the un-cleared data on the browser.

2.Reset Chrome browser setting
Your browser might not have been properly configured which might be the reason the errors keep reoccurring. Resetting and reviewing your Google chrome setting is another way to fix this problem which you can consider.

3.Use Google Chrome Properties
The following steps will guide you through using this method; firstly, right-click the browser’s shortcut icon and select the properties option, after this, a dialog box will pop with the name of the targeted field, then add the text “disable-prompt-on-repost” at the end of the target. After doing this, your browser will open, when it does, exit it. Then try to reopen it using the shortcut described above, and then check to confirm if a similar dialog pops up or fails when you refresh the web page.

4.Use the Replacing the POST Method
This method posts data entered by users in the form of a browser. When using the POST technique, all the details entered will not be appended to the URL. This means that the details will not be viewed by the user

5.Use the AJAX Submit Button
Use the AJAX function of jQuery to prevent reloading once the form has been successfully submitted. You may need to add a function to the page’s code. The Ajax function then processes the entered data as per the provided PHP file as URL property. In case there is any data validation, this implies that the form was successfully submitted. It will, therefore, return false so that whenever the page reloads, no new request is sent. This implies that there will be no bugs popping up too.

6.Track your internet connection
Sometimes this bug keeps popping up because you have a poor internet connection. Make sure that this is fixed by reloading. You should always hit the reload button to resubmit.

7.Use XTRON System Care
This method is the most acclaimed way to fix bugs, the Xtron system care protects you from data and file loss, it helps to fix common computer errors, malware and hardware failure. It will also help you to optimize your system.

8.Stop the process on browser
This implies that the bugs pop up because chrome refuses to cache POST requests thus it tries to resubmit the form while on refresh. It sometimes comes about due to accidentally moving forward or backwards. If you are using a touch screen device, consider disabling the sliding option.

9.Disable Corrupted Extensions

This error might continue to pop up if you have a corrupted extension, and if your extension is corrupted it is necessary that you disable it. You can do this by clicking on the right top corner of your browser, this will reveal the control menu, and from there select the more tools option and choose the extension option. With this, a list of extensions will be displayed and then remove the corrupted extension by disabling and enabling it again.

10.Use the PRG method

PRG means Post/Redirect/Get method. It’s necessary to understand that web pages usually run using the P-POST part of the PRG pattern. And so, resubmission error often occurs. Make sure the PRG pattern is applied entirely. If your data requires a form, you need to set it in a way that this message is not sent directly to the server. Trying adding a page between it and the page after it. This makes it possible to post the form on the page. Carry out all the data processing necessary on that page and then move it to the server.

11.Delete no-store
If you use a form header, you can fix this problem by following the steps below: header(‘Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, max-age=0’).
Chances are that the problem will be in the header. To fix this; try to delete the “no-store” from the header; refresh the current page and reload and refresh the page to see if the bug has been rectified or not.

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