Here’s the A-Z exhaustive list of BINNELANDERS cast

Binnelanders has become the television drama series that many South African do not want to miss.

The drama series has lots of educative and informative stuff that you can learn from. Additionally, the Binnelanders cast members are exceptional in the delivery of their tasks.

Binnelanders has been in existence for over thirteen years during which some of the Binnelanders cast members have quit the show. Others have joined to replace the ones that had quit.

It was initially entitled Binnelanders and Binneland Sub Judice. This South African Telenovela made a debut in October 2005. The language of communication in this series is Afrikaans.

The storyline, on the other hand, is about a group of physicians working in the clinic. These practitioners devote their efforts towards ensuring that they heal every patient that visits the facility.

Here is a list of the main Binnelanders cast and their photos.

1. Reynardt Hugo as Dr. Tertuis Jonker

2. Je-ani Swiegelaar as Naomi Ferreira

3. Ben Kruger as Okkie Ferreira

4. Cindy Swanepoel as Dr. Annelize Roux

5. Germandt Geldenhuys as Louis Koster

6. Hannelie Warren as Ilse Ferreira

7. Lea Vivier as Lika 

8. Hykie Berg as Dr. Conrad Bester

9. Hans Strydom as Dr. At Koster

10. Clint Brink as Dr. Steve Abrahams

11. Cindy Swanepoel as Dr. Annelize Roux

Aside form the leading character in the there are some 2019 cast that has made the soap operas gone this far. Below are their names and the role they played in the series.

  • Anel Alexander as Nina
  • Angelique Pretorius as Yolande Botha
  • Antonio Summerton as Brendan George
  • Antony Coleman as Michael Lennox
  • Antoinette Louw as Sandy
  • Carl Stemmet as Nolan
  • Clayton Boyd as Robbie van der Berg
  • Conrad Rudolph as Mr. Vermaak
  • Craig Greer as Dr. Smit
  • Danielle Retief as Michelle Kemp
  • David James as Danie Nel
  • David Butler as Jacques Malan
  • David Dukas as George
  • Dean Slater as Stian Els
  • Desiré Gardner as Daleen Jonker
  • Drikus Volschenk as Coen
  • Duan Wanty as Max
  • Elma Postma as Bea Basson
  • Elzette Maarschalk as Karla Combrink
  • Fatima Abdool as Matrone Ria de Witt
  • Gordon van der Spuy as Balju
  • Gys de Villiers as Zieg Combrink
  • Henco J. as Deon
  • Jacoline Frank as Heila
  • James Gracie as Dr. Rico Maartens
  • James MacEwan as Director
  • Jason Kennett as Emilio Castignani
  • Jordan Shade as Eben Vermeulen
  • Justin Strydom as Wickus Steyn
  • Karl Thaning as Nathan Richards
  • Leandie du Randt as Ivanka Gouws
  • Liam J. Stratton as Mr. Jones
  • Maggie Benedict as Zoey Matsekwa
  • Matt Stern as Inspector Labuschagne
  • Mila Guy as Zanel Jordaan
  • Milan Murray as Frankie van Niekerk
  • Neels van Jaarsveld as Gideon Basson
  • Nena Butler as Wilmien Deysel
  • Nick Boraine as Oliver Knight
  • Pascal Pienaar as Karli
  • Paul Lückhoff as Oom Wimpie
  • Paul du Toit as Malan Koster
  • Pietie Beyers as Dr. Deon Visser (2017)
  • Philicity Reeken as Busi
  • Phillip Henn as Chris van Deventer
  • Retief van der Liefde as Dr. Christiaan du Preez
  • Reynardt Hugo as Tertius Jonker
  • Robyn Olivia Heaney as Belinda Cooper
  • Ruvan Avenant as Werner Combrink
  • Sandi Schultz as Jennifer Adams
  • Sarahann Doherty as Roelien Verwey
  • Sonja Engelbrecht as Nikki Combrink
  • Stefan Ludik as Gustav Kemp
  • Susan Danford as Carien Vos
  • Tessa Jubber as Julia
  • Timo Crane as Thomas

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