Here’s how Showmax work in South Africa

Showmax is a video-on-demand streaming service that gives subscribers access to a huge catalogue of series, movies, documentaries and kids’ shows.

This streaming service is accessible on internet-connected devices like smartphones, smart TVs, laptops and tablets.

The month-to-month subscription fee gives subscribers unlimited access to the entire Showmax entertainment catalogue – watch whatever you like, as often as you like, for as long as you like.

All you need is a subscription, and a device that can connect to the internet and you’ll have Showmax with you, wherever you are.

Showmax prices and features

Is Showmax free? Showmax prices are manageable for both standard and mobile plan users. If you are a first-time user, you are entitled to some free Showmax content during your trial period of 14 days.

  • Access and signup for a new account. You will need a working email address, password, and valid phone number to register.
  • Choose a payment method or either cheque or credit card. Note that cancellation within 14 days means nothing will be charged from your card. So, enjoy your streaming service for 14 days.
  • If the trial is expired and you have not cancelled, your card will be charged monthly for continued access.

So, how much does Showmax cost per month? The standard plan will cost you R99 a month while the mobile plan is cheaper at only R49 monthly. Aside from the content, other features you get include downloads, choice of bandwidth, creation of multiple profiles, and a wide range of supported Showmax devices.

How does Showmax work with supported devices 

How do I watch Showmax on my TV? This streaming service will only work on your television if it is a smart TV. You can simply install the app and launch it straight from your remote. In case you do not own a smart TV and are wondering how to connect to this streaming service via TV, hook up your TV and laptop using an HDMI cable and enjoy the shows. How does Showmax work on my phone? As long as your Android or iOS phone is connected to the internet, all you have to do is login and enjoy the content.

How does DStv Showmax work?

Is Showmax free with DStv? The best part about this streaming service is that DStv Premium subscribers get it bundled for free without any extra payment. So, how does Showmax work on DStv? If you have DStv Premium and you are not a subscriber of this entertaining streaming service, go ahead and open an account to start enjoying the extra content for free.

Note that if you are a new subscriber of this streaming service and have a DStv Premiums package, you need to do the following after creating your new account:

  • Go to Manage Account and navigate to the Manage Subscription section.
  • As your payment method, choose DStv add to account.
  • Enter your national South African ID card number and then confirm your mobile number. You will receive a one-time pin on your phone to confirm the number
  • Once you accept everything and confirm, you can start streaming great shows.

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