Here is how Netflix work in South Africa

Netflix is a popular digital video streaming service that offers plenty of entertainment.

The amazing thing about this service is that with its monthly subscription, you will get an unlimited viewing experience without getting interrupted by any commercial breaks.

Netflix is available in more than 190 countries and provides users with access to thousands of movies, TV shows, mini-series, and anime, among many others.

The disadvantage of this media streaming service; however, is the fact that there is a limitation on the country you are using it.

For instance, if you are in South Africa, you cannot access shows from other countries like the UK and vice versa.

But, still remains outstanding and easy to connect to your latest choice of show. How exactly do you get it? Here is how:

1. Have the right internet speed

First, you need to have a minimum of 0.5MB/s in order to stream on their website. Therefore, you need to have an efficient line speed that supports this in order to access the world of true entertainment.

If you want to stream through the HD option, you are required to have 5.0MB/s and 25MB/s for the UHD – that is if you belong to the lucky group, which owns a UHD TV. However, this is not always limiting since a 3G connection sometimes works well but it all depends on the network you are using and coverage. To get this reliable service in a more stable way, it is recommended to have an LTE modem.

2. Get the needed viewing equipment 

You need to have a few necessary devices to watch all the TV shows and movies. Netflix allows users to use a variety of devices. You can use the Netflix decoder, set-top boxes, SmartTV, Xbox, your PlayStation, Smart Blu-ray, Apple TV, and others. To stream on the go, you can use your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and even Windows phone.

3. Register an account with Netflix

To access the media from this company, you need to visit the official website and register for an account. You will have to create an account by entering your email address, password, and then you will be required to confirm the registration via a link that will be sent to your mail. After that, you can choose the package you are comfortable with. The good news is that all new customers get a one-month free subscription before you even pay for your first package.

4. Pay for your package

You can first complete the free one month and then pay for your first package. After the free month period is done, you will be required to choose a package and pay for it.

When it comes to payment for Netflix, there are three packages to choose from:

  • Basic package – R99
  • Standard package – R139
  • Premium package – R169

Due to the difference in price in the three packages, there are limitations in the first two plans. The basic plan does not allow HD or UHD viewing; you can only watch on one screen at the same time in Standard Definition (SD). Using the Standard package, you can only watch two devices at the same time in High Definition (HD) only. On the other hand, the Premium package, which is actually the best option, allows HD and Ultra HD (UHD) viewing, and you can watch on four screens at the same time.

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