Here are the latest affordable Cell C data deal in 2021

Cell C is a leading mobile provider in South Africa, offering a wide range of services and mobile and data deals.

Making it more convenient for it users, its data deals are highly affordable and exceptionally preferable among heavy internet consumers.

There is a welcoming package for everyone at this service provider, with a wide range of data add-on bundles to select from, with great in-bundle rates.

Read through to learn about the available plans and how to subscribe to amazing internet deals this year.

Pre-paid Cell C data bundle deals 2021

You can enjoy these deals when you top up your sim card.


To enjoy this deal, simply recharge with R20 or more airtime to enjoy 50MB of free data in addition to unlocking an out of bundle rate of 35c per MB.


Here, you will instantly get free internet each moment you recharge your sim card with R50 or more airtime, in addition to enjoying 50MB of black data. When you recharge on EasyChat, you enjoy 3X free bundles plus 50MB black bundle. Free black bundles are for browsing, streaming, or downloading on black, while you can use the free MegaData to browse online as well as stay informed on your various social media platforms. To switch to this package, simply dial *108#.

Other prepaid internet deals include SupaCharge and GigaPackages, with the GigaPackages having one of the most attractive Cell C 100GB prepaid data deals.

More Cell C data deals

Other than the above pre-paid deals, you can enjoy the following packages.


Mediaplay package aims to connect homes and offices with super fast LTE network on a month to another subscription basis. Various plans offer users with monthly bundles ranging between 20GB to 175GB to make sure you do not miss your favorite shows. Here is a breakdown of the package in the order of cost, monthly bundles, content fair, and usage policy.

  • R239- 20GB – Black FLEXI access – 2GB/day
  • R489- 45GB – Black FLEXI access – 2GB/day
  • R849 – 80GB – Black BINGE premium – 4GB/day
  • R1099 – 175GB – Black BINGE premium – 4GB/day

Any unused MediaPlay data will automatically expire on the last day of every month at exactly 23:59:59, implying that there is no rollover. In cases where the bundles deplete before the end of the month, customers will be charged at standard out of the bundle rates. It is also crucial to note that MediaPlay bundles are not transferrable across lines. Users should keep track of the fair usage policy to avoid incurring out of the bundle charges.

Smart Data contract

What is Smart Data Cell C? The company deliberately designed this package to meet the needs of people who want to sign up for more extended periods of up to a year or two. The convenience of these plans makes it easy to receive monthly internet allocation with a peace of mind.

Smart Data share is available in different packages ranging between 5GB and 50GBs. The plan offers free 1000 exclusive Wi-Fi calling minutes using enabled devices. The offer targets smart homes and businesses through a single bill payment option. Here is the monthly cost of bundles under this package.

  • R45.39 – 500MB
  • R75.66 – 1GB
  • R99.87 – 2GB
  • R170.48 – 3GB
  • R200.75 – 5GB
  • R301.62 – 10GB
  • R503.38 – 20GB
  • R604.25 – 30GB
  • R906.89 – 50GB
  • R1613.03 – 100GB
  • R2016.54 – 200GB

How do I load Smartdata bundles? Start by topping up your sim card with credit and dialing *147# to initiate the prepaid loading process. Note that the SmartData TopUp package is the best alternative if you want to access bundles at any time. Here, you will enjoy lower in-bundle rates and will be able to select from a wider range of SmartData contracts.


Hit the top speeds with our five custom plans while browsing, streaming, gaming or even at your business. The plans offer excellent browsing rates of 1c for every MB, and here is the monthly cost for the bundles:

  • R301.63 – 15GB
  • R503.38 – 25GB
  • R705.14 – 50GB
  • R1007.77 – 100GB
  • R1512.15 – 200GB

For you to enjoy LTE-A, you will need an LTE capable router and a Cell C USIM.

One month internet deals

Besides these popular plans, this competitive telecommunication company has unveiled even more attractive 30-day non-expiry bundles for its customers. Here is the breakdown in the order of Bundle – Anytime Data – Nite Data – Price

  • 750MB – 750MB – 1GB – R80
  • 1GB – 1GB – 2GB – R100
  • 1.5GB – 1.5GB – 3GB – R149
  • 2GB – 2GB – 4GB – R199
  • 3GB – 3GB – 5GB – R249
  • 6GB – 6GB – 7GB – R299
  • 7GB – 7GB – 10GB – R399
  • 10GB – 10GB – 15GB – R499

Evidently, South Africa’s third largest network is highly committed to meeting the bundles’ requirements of its users through lucrative data deals which have attracted several users to the network.

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