Here are the best fibre package in South Africa 2020

There are numerous internet service providers in South Africa that provide homes and businesses with internet services.

However, it is only a few out of many of these companies that have been able to stand out in terms of providing quality services.

Getting the right fibre packages could be the difference between you saving considerable amounts of money on data and wasting a lot more on shady deals.

It is one thing to subscribe to a network and another to enjoy its services. This is why it is always advisable to get into fibre price comparisons SA offers.

Several companies have continued to lead in this area. This article aims at showing to you the best internet service providers in South Africa for you to go for.


MWEB is one of the common internet solution providers in South Africa. Taking a look at its service provision, you can easily tell that this is one of the companies that care for its customers. The following is a breakdown of great fibre deals from MWEB that you cannot afford to miss.

MWEB uncapped fibre deals:

  • 10Mbps at R399
  • 10/10Mbps at R659
  • 100Mbps at R999
  • 200Mbps at R1399

2. Afrihost

This is a company that understands how important it is for its customers to access the internet regularly and with minimal to no interruptions. As such, it focuses on creating deals that are almost too good to be true. Affordability is something that is close to the company’s heart just as reliability and winning the trust of its customers are. For this reason, there are a few deals on fibre as offered by Afrihost that you may not want to miss. These include:

Openserve uncapped fibre deals:

  • 10Mbps at R597
  • 20Mbps at R797
  • 50Mbps at R917
  • 100Mbps at R1117
  • 200Mbps at R1497

The prices are different for other fibre providers like Vuma, Octotel, TT Connect, Frogfoot, and others. That is why please check the prices of all providers on their website.

3. Telkom

Telkom is one of the major providers of internet services in South Africa because it is a major player in the industry. Anyone looking to get connected to a fibre network that will not give them too much hustle should consider it. Start by checking if you are in an area with Telkom’s network coverage and you are good to go. With this confirmed, you can then subscribe to any of its offers as shown below:

Home unlimited uncapped fibre packages:

  • 10Mbps at R499
  • 20Mbps at R699
  • 50Mbps at R899
  • 100Mbps at R1169
  • 200Mbps at R1399

Home unlimited uncapped premium fibre packages:

  • 10Mbps at R699
  • 20Mbps at R849
  • 50Mbps at R1199
  • 100Mbps at R1399
  • 200Mbps at R1599

4. Vox

Vox ┬áis one of the best internet service providers especially if you are going for supersonic speeds. Starting with its fibre to the home and business fibre offers, you can almost be sure that your internet woes are long gone. Check out the company’s offers and decide if you will be part of those that are gaining from excellent services. We have both capped and uncapped solutions for both home and business needs.

Home fibre is calculated differently. First, you must select the line speed you want as these are priced differently. Next, you must select the amount of MBs you want since they also come with varied prices. Combine the cost of speed and amount of MBs you want to get the cost of your fibre bundle. The following are the specific MBs and speeds you can go for.

5. Axxess

Axxess has structured its offers to be simple and straightforward. No contracts, no checks on credit, just fast internet connections whenever you need. With such a guarantee, most people would be sold. But, before that, you need to know what the company brings to the table regarding fibre deals. Only then can you decide with finality if they are a good fit for you. The following are deals you would expect from them.

  • Openserve 10/10Mbps at R645
  • Frogfoot 20/2Mbps at R745
  • VUMA 10/2Mbps at R695
  • TTConnect 5/5Mbps at R495
  • Mitsol 5/5Mbps at R555
  • Octotel 10/10Mbps at R715
  • Evotel 10/10Mbps at R775
  • Rise Telecoms 10/10Mbps at R615
  • Clearaccess 10/10Mbps at R675
  • Connectivity services 10/10Mbps at R695
  • Terralink 4/4Mbps at R495
  • Century city connect 10/5Mbps at R545
  • Metrofibre 5/5Mbps at R595
  • Netstream 4/4Mbps at R595
  • Lightstrike 20/20Mbps at R745
  • Link Africa 10/10Mbps at R775

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