Hannon Bothma age will leave you amazed!

Hannon Bothma, co-owner of the HANNON brand, is a house hold name when beauty is concerned.

He is well-known for his work as stylist and consultant on the make-overs featured on television and in all the major fashion magazines in South-Africa.

He is a well-known face on television and gets weekly interviewed on national radio about fashion, beauty and image issues.

Hannon became famous for his ability to transform any woman into a beautiful princess within minutes.

This talent and his uniquely humorous way of presenting led him to the stage where he now presents make-over shows to big audiences.

During these shows he entertains, educate and motivate women about beauty and her role in society today. Below we let out the secret on the number of years that this handsome celebrity has lived on earth so far.

Hannon Bothma age

Hannon social media pages says nothing about is personal life. Although it was said that he was born in 1967. Based on the information, Hannon Bothma birthday was in 2017, making him almost 52years old! The glam guru’s age is definitely a surprise to everyone because he looks like he is his 30’s. Right?

Here are some of the pictures of this good-looking 50+ year old.

With the capability of transforming any lady into a beautiful princess in just a few minutes, Hannon Bothma is good for what he knows how to do best, and his look tells it all. He is a man who implements what he knows in his real life, evidenced by his flawless, non-aging skin.



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