Guideline to check your NWU exam results

Results are required for any exam written, including the North-West University (NWU) exam, and there are procedures in checking for it.

There are various ways to check for the result, but it is expected that all students have a student portal NWU, in other to have access to information.

The NWU official website is “” , this can be used to check for services the University offers, including the result.

The institution has 3 campuses, including the Mafikeng, Potchefstroom, and Vaal Triangle. The school has 8 faculties.

The University offers distance learning platform, and it embraces both South Africans and foreigners. However, international student will have to give a NWU proof of registration by providing a valid visa and passport or your Permanent Resident Permit details.

Below are different means in which you can get your result:

The NWU app
North-West University has a mobile app, which is used to check for the exam result and many other things regarding the school. All you just need do, is to download on your phone, be it iPhone or android.

When you apply to join the facility, you provide your email account during the registration. You are also required to have an NWU Gmail email address which is, [email protected] All the official results are posted to students through the email account.

Text message
You can request the results by sending a text message to the school. The NWU exam results SMS number is 35606. Make sure you have included the word NWU and your student number in the text message before sending it.

NOTE: All distance (UODL) students must have a participation mark of at least 40% so that they can be allowed to write the examination. There is, however, an exemption for ACE and NPDE students.

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