Gomora teasers for July 2020 will leave you gasping for breath!

Do you ever watch a show and in the middle of it you consider taking a minute to sigh and let everything sink in?

That is the mood that Gomora sets. The soap opera is curated in the most unpredictable way, and you can never guess what your favourite cast member will do.

Gomora is a dramatic soap opera that features the life of the Gomora community, the hurdles that the cast members go through, and how they relate with each other.

If you are not a fan of the show, you could save yourself the endless questions by checking out Gomora teasers for July 2020.

Gomora teasers for July 2020

Episode 48 – Wednesday, 1st of July 2020 

Melusi’s profession is in a critical state, and the worst part is that an old foe has a significant influence on it. Thathi learns something that could lead her to a situation that she might not like. Is she going to realise early enough and make the necessary amends?

Episode 49 – Thursday, 2nd of July 2020

The Dlaminis are in a troubling situation, and they do not have control over it, and an old employee causes trouble for her boss.

Episode 50 – Friday, 3rd of July 2020

Melusi discovers that even though he is putting in so much effort in his school, the community does not support his effort. On the other hand, the humiliation that Thathi is going through in the hands of her partners brews another conflict.

Episode 51 – Monday, 6th of July 2020

The effort that Melusi has been putting in to get his career back bears fruits, and Thathi goes on with her plan to revenge on her friends who betrayed her.

Episode 52 – Tuesday, 7th of July 2020

Time is running out on Melusi, and he begins to feel devastated, and Thathi’s first day at her workplace does not go as anticipated.

Episode 53 – Wednesday, 8th of July 2020

The partnership that Thathi had with Sonto ends unexpectedly, and Pretty requests to be included in Sonto’s business activities. The feud between London and Ntokozo does not end well.

Episode 54 – Thursday, 9th of July 2020 

Thathi realises that the chances of Lorraine changing are very slim, and Sonto promises to do anything for her people. Melusi relentlessly fights for his son.

Episode 55 – Friday, 10th of July 2020

Melusi makes a decision concerning his future. Later, he makes a request to Gladys and Zodwa, and it leaves them astonished. Sonto subjects Pretty to an unfriendly experience, and Thathi challenges the authority once again.

Episode 56 – Monday, 13th of July 2020

Thathi boldly declares something to Sonto, and Gladys unexpectedly decides to help a learner in the school. London surprisingly shows up at the school.

Episode 57 – Tuesday, 14th of July 2020

Mazet is forced to return to the simplest and most important things, without thinking that it could interfere with her mission with Thathi. Gladys offends the people in her family when she decides to help Alex’s biggest foe.

Episode 58 – Wednesday, 15th of July 2020

Things go south for Mazet, and she ends up in danger, and Gladys makes a decision that interferes with her relationship with Ntokozo. The decision also makes her alienated in the community.

Episode 59 – Thursday, 16th of July 2020 

Thathi’s plans do not go as she anticipated, and the conflict in the Dlaminis house heightens. London faces some dangerous people; how will things turn out?

Episode 60 – Friday, 17th of July 2020

Gladys fears for her life as she is left with London, who does not seem to have the best intentions towards her. Meanwhile, Thathi is forced to get rid of two bodies.

Episode 61 – Monday, 20th of July 2020

London manages to get out of trouble, although she blackmails Gladys to get her freedom. Stuart manages to escape from Sonto’s custody, and this makes Mazet and Thathi horrified.

Episode 62 – Tuesday, 21st of July 2020

Sonto reaches out to her informants to try and gather information about Stuart, and someone steals from the Dlaminis. Who could this person be?

Episode 63 – Wednesday, 22nd of July 2020 

Thathi is ready to pursue her job as a hijacker, and London engages in illegal trade. On the other side, Gladys faces the truth of her situation.

Episode 64 – Thursday, 23rd of July 2020

Thathi’s first hijacking does not go as she planned; will it get her into trouble? Gladys has no clue about the danger that she is imposing on herself by being involved in London’s affairs, and an unwelcome visitor unexpectedly shows up at the tavern.

Episode 65 – Friday, 24th of July 2020

The Dlamini house is in chaos, and London does something out of the ordinary before a saviour shows up. Sonto sees something from her past, and it leaves her troubled.

Episode 66 – Monday, 27th of July 2020

Pretty and Thathi plan to investigate the identity of the person who is responsible for the shooting and Gladys makes a decision that leaves London in shock. Mohato does something that makes his presence felt in Gomora.

Episode 67 – Tuesday, 28th of July 2020

The conflict in the Dlaminis is finally solved, and Melusi prepares a romantic surprise for Gladys. On the flip side, a new foe initiates his plans to take over Sonto’s business.

Episode 68 – Wednesday, 29th of July 2020

Some of the members of Gomora are beginning to catch feelings, and Thathi discovers that she is at risk when she realises that Sonto’s past might haunt them.

Episode 69 – Thursday, 30th of July 2020

Melusi changes his ways, although Ntokozo is already facing the impact of the change. Thathi sets out on a mission to find answers, although it seems to be a difficult mission.

Episode 70 – Friday, 31st of July 2020

Thathi nearly finds Melusi, Gladys and Zodwa in trouble as they target Mohato; however, her presence rescues them.


Thathi’s situation continues to become more complicated as she is constantly involved in conflicts. She resorts to being a hijacker, although her first experience does not go as she has expected. Will she get into more trouble for this?


The conflict between London and Ntokozo gets messy, and when London encounters Gladys, she blackmails her and manages to escape. Later, she takes the biggest risk when she decides to engage in a drug business. Will she get into trouble?

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