Gog Lifestyle Park: Images, fun activities and fee

Gog Lifestyle park is situated at different places in South Africa, and it’s structured in such a way that when you step into the location, all you think of is fun.

The park is meant for both kids and adult. It’s a place for a perfect weekend getaway, as it has activities and facilities that favours every age group.

GOG LIfestyle’s location

The park is situated in 3 places in SA and their locations are:

  • Lanseria, which is situated in the Gauteng region.
  • GOG Gardens Soweto: Soweto and Protea Glen, in the Southern parts of Johannesburg.
  • GOG kids Harties: It is located in the North Western province, in the heart of Hartbeespoort.

Here are some of the services to be enjoyed in the park (Photos):

  1. Gog lifestyle has a village. The village is an isolated area, which serves as a venue beauty and body care services. In the village, there is a spa and a hair salon. There is also a car wash and a chisanyama.
  2. You could go on a picnic with friends, colleagues and family. It has conducive areas for picnics. These places are quiet and calm; the much you can do is enjoy the beauty of nature. The areas that are fit for picnic-related activities are the spray park, the play area, the inflatables, and the pools.
  3. Rather than register in a gym, you can also keep fit with some of the facilities provided in the park. The recreation ground offers services like; fitness relays, jogging trails, running trails, boot camps, and obstacle races.
  4. Gog lifestyle park has amazing venues for events of all kinds.
  5. The park has food stalls, drink stalls, and the craft stalls for entrepreneurs interested in marketing their goods.
  6. The geo-dome stage is the epitome of beauty and fascination of the GOG Lifestyle Park. The dome is big enough to accommodate a reasonable number of people for events. The dome stage serves several purposes. One of these purposes is that it can be used for in-house events. It can also be used for rentals.


  • The first package costs R150. This package caters for registration charges and four swimming lessons.
  • The second package costs R220. It caters for registration and eight swimming lessons.

Registration for Swimming lessons:

  • R50 for registration and R30 for every swimming lesson.
  • Registration for the swimming lessons is done at the park every day, at 9 am.

The charges for the events that GOG Lifestyle Park host vary. The oncoming Soweto International Jazz Festival that is scheduled FOR 14th -16th of June 2019 has a different cost. The GOG Lifestyle Park entrance fee for this event is R35000-R280000. The GOG Lifestyle Park charges for this event have the VIP package, which is a bit more costly than the regular package but has extra services.


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