Full information about Sifiso Dabengwa

Full information about Sifiso Dabengwa

Sifiso Dabengwa was the former CEO of MTN Group which is a multi-billion-dollar telecommunications company in South Africa that operates in more than twenty-one countries in Africa.

He served the company from 2011 to 2015, and his former rank as an MTN CEO puts him in the spotlight and makes him of the most marketable business people in South Africa.

Sifiso Dabengwa’s contributions to the companies that he has worked in have had a significant positive impact on the economy of South Africa.

Full Name: Raymond Sifiso Ndlovu Dabengwa

Date of birth: 5th April 1958

Nationality: Zimbabwean

Occupation: Former MTN Group President and CEO

Industry: Telecommunications

Sifiso’s educational qualifications:

  1. Bachelor of Science in engineering degree from the University of Zimbabwe (1981)
  2. An MBA from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg (1992)
  3. Executive Program, University of Michigan (1995)

Dabengwa’s career lifeĀ 

  • January 1982-December 1986: Trainee at the British Rail and Zimbabwe Railways
  • January 1987-December 1990: Senior Consultant, AR Edwards & Ass
  • July 1992-December 1993: Senior Manager, Technology, Eskom
  • January 1994-September 1996: Senior General Manager, Electrification, Eskom
  • November 1996 -June 1999: Executive Director, Eskom
  • August 1999-July 2003: CEO, MTN South Africa
  • August 2004-August 2006: CEO, MTN Nigeria
  • August 2003-March 2011: CEO, MTN Group
  • April 2011 to November 2015: President & CEO, MTN Group

From 2015, he has been a Board member of these companies:

  • Gijima Group
  • RSA DENG Capital
  • UAE Channel Vas
  • UAE MegaPro Holdings
  • RSA

Sifiso’s career achievements and challenges:

  • At Eskom, he pioneered the implementation of the national electrification program. The program significantly increased the connection of electricity in South African homes.
  • He spearheaded MTN plans for the extensive installation of broadband to rural areas. When being interviewed by the Oxford Business Group, he suggested a collaboration between private sectors and Telkom as a strategy for achieving that.
  • MTN workers went on strike to demand that Sifiso go back to Zimbabwe. The strike worsened during the xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

Dabengwa successor:

Puthuma Nhleko took over and led the company into negotiations with the government for a fine reduction. They settled at $1.7 billion.

Sifiso Dabengwa salary and net worth:

When he resigned from MTN, he became R3.5 million richer. He was paid a salary of $772,735 (R 8.4 million), R 1.678 million benefits, and an R13.45 million bonus. According to the MyBroadband report in June 2013, Sifiso Dabengwa’s net worth was R 22.528 million in the 2012/13 fiscal year.

Sifiso Dabengwa wife: Phuthi Mahanyele. She was a former CEO of Shanduka Group.

Did Sifiso Dabengwa and five other prominent men in Zimbabwe sleep with the same married woman: According to Sunday World this February 2020, the former MTN CEO Sifiso and a renowned Zimbabwean footballer, Benjamini Mawumari, are among the five men who have been accused of sleeping with the wife to the former South African Airways CEO.

Sifiso Dabengwa takes very few press interviews that pertain to his life to maintain a private lifestyle. His career accomplishments and challenges have made him a success story in South Africa.

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