Full gist about Ted Bundy’s daughter, Rose Bundy

Full gist about Ted Bundy's daughter, Rose Bundy

America’s infamous serial killer in the 1970s, Ted Bundy, dusted his shoes and returned greater on the Netflix film titled Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile. But yet the movie focused on telling the story of Ted and his relationships but failed to document his daughter.

Theodore Bundy, the sociopath who killed more than 30 women and children, had a daughter of his own.

That’s very shocking, but then the question is where is she now and the mysterious facts about her.

Rose Bundy profile summary

Full name: Rose Bundy

Nicknames: Rosa

D.O.B: October 24th, 1981

Birth sign: Scorpio

Birthplace: Gainesville, Alachua, United States

Nationality: American

Profession: Self-employed

Rose Bundy mother: Carol Anne Bonne

Rose Bundy’s mysterious conception: It remains unclear how Rosa was conceived while the dad was incarcerated since conjugal visits for death row prisoners were prohibited. However, it is believed that most of the prison wardens would take bribes from the inmates to allow them to have alone time with their female partners.

There are several other crazy rumors regarding Rosa’s conception with some claiming that Carol Anne had passed an empty condom to Ted through a kiss, Ted then later filled it and gave it back to her in the same way.

When asked how she managed to conceive a child with Ted, Boone responded in a 1981 newspaper article that it was no one’s business.

Did Ted Bundy meet his daughter? No

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