Five most difficult degree courses in South Africa

Studying for anyone can be tasking or engaging. It takes hard work, dedication and determination to succeed at any course in the university. But some courses will require a double of this as they are regarded as one of the hardest courses in South Africa.

These courses are highly challenging and you may have to think twice before filling them as your choice of study. The most difficult and challenging courses in SA are listed below;

1. Mathematics
All across the world, people have submitted over time that this degree course is one of the hardest to pursue. It involves been able to pay attention to details; thinking logically and analytically and learning and knowing which formula to apply at a point in time. Someone said mathematics is for the rugged and intelligent.
Most people run away from the course because they can’t withstand the calculations which seem to stretch on continuously.

2. Law
This course is one of the most interesting and widely studied courses in SA. It is also one of the hardest because a lot of people fail to ace the exams. Most people fail the exam because the questions are mostly dynamic and there is one-cap-fits-all approach to it. After you might have answered the question to your best, you might then discover that there are other ways the question could have been solved. Law students are known for memorizing cases and facts, preparing arguments and compulsorily staying abreast of daily events.

3. Accounting
This is another branch of calculation; it is different from Mathematics because it has more to do with finance than the latter. This course of study requires a lot of data computation and auditing, as it is a thorough calculation course.
If you are able to scale though the university, you must sit for and pass different professional courses to kick start your career. And depending on your specialization; you can write these professional exams in auditing, taxation, financial management etc.

4. Actuarial and Financial Sciences
Applying for this course requires you to have passed mathematics excellently and score about 80% or more before you can be considered for admission. This is because many of the courses you will be offering are calculation based ones like Statistics, Financial Accounting etc. You will find this course particularly hard if you hate computing and managing data with calculations.

5. Dentistry
If you cannot manage workload or manage pressure, then you shouldn’t consider applying for this course. This is because a certain level of commitment and hard work is expected from students who choose to study this course even from the application stage, as the course human sensitive and requires that one cares for others.

In applying for this course, the University of Pretoria mandates you to have 60% score in Mathematics, English and Physical science. This explains how much expectations are placed on those who aspire to study this course.

Hardest degrees in the world.
While there are easy courses all over the place, there are also some that have gained recognition by being one of the hardest. They are discussed below:
1. Bio-Medical Engineering
This course involves the fusion of science and engineering in Medicine to improve health. It requires you to develop skills that will be relevant is solving biology and medicine-related problems. And it is regarded as one of the most difficult engineering degrees to obtain
2. Neuroscience
One of the most difficult degree programmes out there today is Neuroscience. The course focuses on the brain and how it affects and influences cognitive and behavioral abilities. It also involves researching and exploring the cause of neurological, neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders in people. Most students run away from the course because of the technicality and hard work it demands from students.
because it is a combination of engineering and medicine.
3. Medicine
Medicine has evolved as one of the oldest profession in the world, aside from this it is also one of the most popular courses. Although, so many aspire to study medicine, only a few are courageous enough to follow through with their dreams.
In most tertiary institutions, you must have scored at least 60% in English, Mathematics and Physical science before your application can be considered at all. Also, you must be sure of your ability to endure and withstand the hazards of the profession before putting in for it at all.

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