Find out government salary levels in South Africa

In a government sector, salaries are categorized according to the job level a person is placed in. Government workers receive higher salaries with attractive benefits compared to other employees who don’t work for the state.

The benefits includes medical cover, housing, and transport, with all expenses being catered for by the government. Government salary levels differ from informal sector workers who struggle to earn a living.

South Africa DPSA policies monitor minimum wages that are to be paid to all serving in the public service occupations with the aim of eradicating poverty and unemployment among its wide-range population.

While well-paying careers can be found in the field of law, engineering, and the likes. Below are the government salary levels South Africa:

1. Doctors

Doctors are one of the highest-paid civil servant in South Africa, their years of training and expertise mainly contribute to their earnings. They earn approximately R72,800 per month.

2. Judges/lawyers

These account for a total of R252,789 annual salary securing a top spot in the highest-paid government salary. Law pays well in South Africa and is the most chosen career for high school leavers.

3. Police

With a maximum of R12,427 per month, Police in South Africa earn the highest for an African nation. The pay is good and attracts both school leavers and professionals countrywide.

4. Nurses

Due to their education level and experience, Nurse are paid approximately R16,786 per month. The education offered is world-class that is why it attracts foreign students from the region.

5. Members of Parliament (MP’s)

Members of Parliament in South Africa tends to make a huge financial income. They are paid R1 million in a year which is a monthly salary of R133,372. It pays to join the country’s national assembly owing to its attractive benefits.

6. Teachers

Like their counterparts in other African nations, teachers in South Africa are fairly paid. Teachers take home R21,983 per month. Most decry of their pay and the issue has been taken up in the national assembly where teachers propose equal pay.

What are the financial year salary scales?

DPSA salary scales 2019/2020 financial year was characterized by increased wages doubling the cost of prices in the same year. This was a significant breakthrough for those working in the public sector as they acknowledged better pay than in past years.

As per the beginning of 2020, the minimum wage for workers was set at R20 per hour except for the Secret Service, National Defense Force, and the National Intelligence Services who are scheduled to work extra hours.

As per the current salary scale for public servants in South Africa, it is indicated that farmers are to earn a minimum wage of R18, local workers are set to earn a minimum of R15 while those in public works will receive R11. For salary level 5, which is the entry position, it is characterized by a starting salary of R29,350 per year with an hourly rate of R14.06.

A big number of government employees are categorized between level 5 to level 8. Salary scales for public servants in this category range from R258,321 – R448,039 annually.

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