Everything you need to know about Tharina Human

Everything you need to know about Tharina Human

If you wish to know more about the woman at the center of the Amy Leigh de Jager South Africa kidnapping case? We have gathered the information you need to know about her.

Brief information about Tharina Human:

She is a primary school teacher (Grade RR) at Laerskool Kollegepark. Not much has been revealed to the public about her personal life, such as Tharina Human husband, but we will be sure to pass that information to you right here on Briefly as soon as we have it.

Details on the Kidnapping:

The case was mentioned to have happened around 7:40 AM on Monday in front of Laerskool Kollegepark School near Johannesburg. It was reported four men in balaclavas jumped from an unmarked 4×4 vehicle and snatched Amy de Jager from the arms of her mother. Police statements showed that the kidnappers had initially grabbed the boy before letting him go and taking the girl. The men returned to their vehicle and ran off with the child.

The abductors then contacted the child’s family and demanded a ransom of ZAR200,000. Shortly after, the amount was raised to 2 million rands (approximately US$ 133,000). They failed to secure that amount, so they cursed angrily at Angeline over the phone and hung up.

They then lowered the amount to ZAR10,000 which they said was to be made in four installments. When the abductors realized that the case was receiving widespread coverage, they panicked and lowered the amount to ZAR6,000. This was intended to be split as ZAR5,000 for them and ZAR1,000 for transport so they could escape.

Tharina Human arrests:

The entire ordeal lasted 19 hours upon which the girl was returned to her family and the police began making arrests. The suspects currently in custody over this, have recently been arraigned in Vanderbijl Magistrates Court with Human. They are Laetitia Nel and Pieter van Zyl.


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