Everything you need to know about Azania Mosaka

Azania Mosaka (born April 18, 1977), in Pimville Soweto is a South African radio host, television presenter, and MC. She is well known for hosting the show Route 326 on Metro FM.

The media genius has also hosted the television show Real Talk after the former host Anele Mdoda resigned in the middle of the season.

Azania was raised by a single parent. Her mum, who was a nurse, raised the three of them single-handedly. She taught them how to cook, an interest she followed later on in her career. She has a cooking show on Saturday midday on SAC3.

Recently, Azania started taking lessons in piloting. In an interview, she said that, as a child, she had the fantasy of being a pilot. Due to lack of funds, she was unable to pursue the course as it was very expensive.

Azania got married to Tony Ndoro in 2005. Tony happens to be in the same media industry as Mosaka. He is a supersport rugby anchor. The relationship was seemingly good a while after the wedding.

Later on, the couple started experiencing some personal disagreements, which led to divorce in 2011. The couple had by then been blessed with a baby girl who is called Shamiso Mosaka.

Currently, Azania allegedly has a boyfriend by the name Sizwe Dhlomo. It is most likely that they keep the state of their relationship undercover because Azania is six years older than SIzwe.

This very renowned media personality attended the University of Witwatersrand where she took a Bachelor’s degree in commerce. She knew she wanted to be in the media which led her to further her studies in Vega School of Brand Communication.

Azania began her media career journey in 1996 by co-hosting for a youth talk show popular as “The Joint” which aired on CCV. She then moved to London and began working from there. She stayed there for three years before returning to South Africa.

Soon after settling back in South Africa, she got the opportunity to work as a presenter for a show known as “Bassiq.” The show hosted many soapie’s stars for interviews that Azania did. While still doing that, Mosaka worked as a host for a show called Backstreet live that was aired on e.tv.

The talented star also produced Glen Lewis’ show on Metro FM called “The Ride.” Recently, she was given a chance to host “Real Talk”, which is a transforming show on issues facing us all in general.

The talk show was initially being hosted by Anele Mdoda who resigned close to the end of the season. Azania was selected to take over, but the show was canceled soon after the season.

After leaving Power FM where she hosted a show called “Power Lunch,” mosaka joined 702 as a presenter on every weekday. The Azania Mosaka Show brightens up the afternoons with discussions on contemporary issues in our lifestyle.

This woman has a rare way of dealing with discussions on disturbing topics such as protests in higher institutions of learning.

In addition, she handles critical matters like mastering mathematics and understanding the Bible. Azania Mosaka biography is indeed a legendary story.

It takes a good heart to help people and still stay humble after climbing the social ladder. It is impossible not to love and support such members of the society—such people like Azania who crave to make a difference everywhere they go.

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