Everything to know about Kristen Raath


Everything to know about Kristen Raath

Kristen Raath is a known face to the South African soapie teasers 7de Laan. She has made lights for herself with her acting skills and her composed songs. To her, music is her life, as it gives her not only the opportunity to express herself but also has become a tool through which she gets to discover more about who she really is.

Kristen Raath songs:

  • A hoarder’s closet;
  • Ek Reik Na Die Sterre;
  • Into you;
  • Showreel;
  • Fix you.

Kristen Raath husband:

It was a hard-to-swallow pill for Raath when she found out that her husband Willem was having an affair with the yoga instructor Tineke

Kristen Raath Instagram life:

She has more than 2,800 followers. On her page, you can also have access to some of the personally-composed songs that she shares.

Kristen Raath age:

The exact date of birth of Kristen is not available publicly

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