Easy & quick South Africa domobolo recipe you should try

Dombolo is a rare and prevalent South African treat yet not many people have mastered how to give it all the flavours.

It is among the most cherished traditional South African dish better described as steamed bread. Dombolo, also called dumplings, remains a landmark cooking in traditional kitchens.

By carefully following our ingredient lists and cooking directions, you will undoubtedly surprise yourself and your guests on how good Dombolo tastes.

The recipe is a winner regardless of the occasion or cooking skills of those preparing it as long as they carefully follow all the cooking instructions.

Dumplings are all-weather meals that are mostly served during the winter when a craving for some treats is at its highest.

How to make dumplings with yeast: step by step guide for preparing Dombolo

Dumpling ingredients

  • 125 grams of cake flour or Dombolo flour mix
  • 1 teaspoon of instant dry yeast
  • 125 grams of Mealie meal
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt 4 teaspoon of sugar
  • 250 ml of warm water

Dumpling cooking directions

1. Carefully sift the flour before adding the sugar, yeast, oregano, salt, and margarine among other dry ingredients in a large bowl. Make sure your hands are clean and thoroughly mix all these dry ingredients.

2. Now, add the warm water to the mixture and continue mixing to obtain a batter. Continue mixing for another 10 minutes to develop gluten. Knead continually to realize a soft and somehow sticky mass.

3. Let the dough rise while placed in a warm place for about an hour while covered. Pound it down and let it rise for the second time.

4. You can prepare Dombolo as steamed bread or in your favourite stew. Pick your desired direction to complete your cooking.

Non-steamed bread

  1. Bring your favourite stew in the pot to a boil.
  2. Gently place the batter droplets into the stew and cover the pot with a lid.
  3. Let the droplets cook for about 30 minutes or until they are puffed up before serving.

Steamed bread

  1. Use a low tech double boiler by acquiring a strong and clean plastic bag without perforations. A grocery bag is suitable for this application.
  2. Place a spoonful of cooking oil inside the bag and carefully spread it around to prevent the dough from sticking to the plastic bag surface.
  3. Place the dough inside the bag and tightly seal its ends to prevent the water from coming inside and instead allow the steam to come in. Remember that steam is crucial in the cooking of steamed bread process. Fill the pot with water, about a quarter of its volume, and do not fill it anymore, as this may risk the entry of excess water into the bag containing the dough.
  4. Place the bag inside the water in a pot. Note that the bag should be floating on the water.
  5. Bring the water to a boil and then place the lid over the pot to cook the bread with steam for up to an hour before removal. Keep filling the pot with water when necessary to supply sufficient steam for the cooking process.
  6. Carefully remove the cooked bread from the bag before serving.

Beef and chicken curry is a traditional way of eating Dombolo for a mouthwatering experience. Placing the stew on bread adds in more flavours for better tastes. Alternatively, you can eat these bread dumpling as you would eat any other type of bread and still enjoy its great flavours. Interestingly, most South African people admit that Dombolo tastes great when taken plainly. Here are some amazing Dombolo images that show how you can eat the dish.

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