Douw Steyn: Net worth, education, family, age, assets

Douw Steyn is popularly know as one of South African’s richest billionaire.

He was also a close friend of Nelson Mandela and even housed him for a couple of months after he had gotten out of prison in 1990.

He was born on 19th December 1952 attended school in Linden in Johannesburg. He proceeded to Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education for his undergraduate levels.

In February 2013, Douw married Carolyn Barkhuizen, which held in Saxon Boutique Hotel. She’s known to be an actress. Her breakthrough came ten years after she had moved to the USA. She has featured in some of the best-selling Hollywood movies.

The billionaire is private about his family, but he’s known to have a son named, Tjaart Steyn.

Douw’s net worth is said to be R16.7 billion. But it is believed that he worth more than that.

Steyn built an empire outside Johannesburg called ‘Palazzo Steyn’ on a 3,000 square metre piece of land, believed to worh R250 million. It features seven bedroom suites, a wine cellar and a marble-floored garage for his car collection. It was declared as the most expensive home in South Africa.

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