Do you want to cancel your Showmax subscription? Here’s how to do it

In a digital age where the world is moving at a fast pace, people readily get involved with things and then lose total interest in it the next minute.

One of those things include unsubscribing from accounts they had at some earlier time thought they would enjoy for long and subscribed to.

People’s taste change, people get bored with a trend and they seek to try out new things.

Showmax is one of the largest on-demand streaming sites in South Africa with a significant number of subscribers. It provides users with the opportunity to access the contents of their choice on its platform after they must have subscribed to a package.

However, for those who are new users they can enjoy free trials for a stipulated time before they subscribe.
If as a showmax user, whether a new or old one, you are displeased with their services, you are free to deactivate your subscription.

And here is how to go about it:
1. Visit the Showmax website through your browser.
2. Click on the “sign in” option at the top right corner.
3. Enter your username (email used to register the account) and password then hit the blue “Sign in” button below.
4. Once logged in, again look at the top right corner. Click on the profile (P), and a drop-down menu will appear.
5. Press “My Account” on the menu, and you will be redirected to a new page with advanced options.

6. Proceed to click the “Manage Subscriptions” button on the left sidebar.
7. You will see the package you are subscribed to and the mode of payment selected on the page. Go ahead and tap the “Cancel Subscription” button below to end the process.
NOTE: Clicking on the “x” sign above the “cancel subscription” option also deactivates your subscription. Meaning that without a payment method, no charges will be deducted from your account.

As a new user, you can also cancel subscription after the fourteen days free trial following the same steps listed above. If you want to permanently delete your account from the website, go through the following steps:
1.Log in to the website.
2.Navigate to your profile and select “My Account.”
3.Now search for “My Data” on the left side and press it.
4.Then, click the “Delete Data” option to complete the process.
Remember that you can unsubscribe from your choice package whenever you want, but ensure you do so before the payment date so as to avoid incurring extra charges.

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