Do you aspire to study at CUT? You should check this out!

Central University of Technology, formerly known as Technikon Free State, is one of the notable tertiary institutions of learning in South Africa.

It was established in 1981, and at Bloemfontein, a Free state province in the country before it was upgraded to become a university of technology.

The CUT application for the 2021 academic calendar is currently ongoing, and if you aspire to become a student of the Central University of Technology, this blog post is for you.

In the following paragraphs, you will discover steps to follow and take note of if you aspire to study at CUT.

Firstly, in applying to the University, you should consider and understand all that is written in the CUT prospectus 2021 PDF. Also, if you are a Grade 12 learner, your final results from Grade 11 will be required. And depending on the result you are applying with, you may have to get the SAQA Certificate. Then, there may be a need to attach your School Leaving Certificate or Final Grade results.

If you are an international applicant who has studied at another higher institution, you will have to provide your academic records/transcript with a certificate of conduct. Also, depending on the certificate you are applying with, you may have to get the SAQA Certificate. Then, there may be a need to attach your School Leaving Certificate or Final Grade results.
Once this has been sorted, you need to follow these steps to successfully complete your CUT 2021 online application.

1.Log onto the official registration portal of the institution.
2.Once you are there, you would be asked if you have a student number and if you are returning to complete your registration or not.
3.Since you are just starting, click on No, the terms and conditions will be displayed, which you are either going to agree to or decline. However, if you agree, you will be able to further your application process.
4.After agreeing to them, click on the next button so that you can access the biodata form, which you should carefully fill. Among other things, you would be asked for your nationality, personal information, and your contact address.
5.Once that is completed, click on the next button to supply the necessary information also.
6.Take note that your application process is not completed until you click on Submit Application at the end of the process. At the same time, a confirmation email would be sent to the email address you submitted while filling the form.
7.Then, make sure to scan and upload all relevant documents while applying before you finally click on submit. Once you have successfully completed the process, you will be given a student number, which will serve as your identity each time any information is to be passed across.
8.If at the end of applying you do not get any confirmation email, you should not be afraid. Depending on your chosen campus, you can either contact student admissions on 0579103513/3509 or 0515073021/3028/3013/3762 for Bloemfontein and Welkom campuses, respectively. Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected], and the issues would be rectified for you.

Just as it was stated earlier, the CUT online application form is still open for both local and foreign students. However, the deadline for application may differ based on the programme you are applying for.

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