Details on paying fine online in SA

The world is experiencing growth in all areas, and gone are those days when you experience difficulty with payment of bills, as clearing off bills online has made payment easy.

Paying for traffic fines online is also possible. Now that you know, it’s better to pay up online letting go of debt.

You can now pay for traffic fine in the comfort of your home without stepping out.

Below are provided platform in which you make your online payment of fine. portal 

Viewfines is a powerful 24-7 online payment system that is reliably functional with fast, secure, and easy payment tools. The system seeks to lower the burden experienced by motorists in viewing and settling due charges. Viewfines is a free public service provider that collaborates with local municipalities in providing secure access to all documented offences.

PayCity portal 

You can now view and pay your speeding offences and tickets with PayCity using your South African Identity Number (SAID) as your access. The system lets you view all your infringement details, including the time when the offence was registered. It is even more interesting that you can view the picture of your car as at the point when the offence was recorded.

Pocit portal

South African drivers can now clear their bills through Pocit mobile phone payment system. The convenience comes at a time when motorists are experiencing difficulties in settling their dues. Pocit runs collaboratively with Pay Fine, which is one of the most popular online traffic fine payment portals.

Pay My Fines portal 

Pay My Fines online is a broadly used phrase among motorists that find the system a convenient way to free them from pending charges. You can easily navigate through the site, view offenses, and pay fines once you have registered with Paymyfines portal.

Internet Banking portals

Some South African banks have unveiled secure fine payment alternatives through their internet banking services. Proceed to your internet banking page depending on your banking institution and pay off those bills online at your convenience.

Requirements to pay your dues 

  • Online payment: A notice number with 16 digits
  • Offline payment: An original receipt

Where can I find out if I have outstanding fines?

It is now possible to check the city of Cape Town traffic fines and settle them without making time-consuming calls or making trips to their departmental offices. Such is the case with several other cities across the country where traffic violations are an issue.

Here are places you can pay fines offline:

  • Spar
  • Lewis
  • Boxer
  • Pick n Pay
  • Shoprite Checkers
  • Engen Quickshops
  • Some Woolworths Stores
  • Absa – You can pay at the ATM of cashier using your original penalty receipt
  • South African Post Office (SAPO) – Present your original penalty receipt alongside due cash for clearance.

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