Details on getting export and import license in South Africa 2020

Shipping goods in or out of South Africa requires procedures which are undertaken by businessman, and the procedures are known to be easy.

A license is needed, and this license gives people access to international market and border entry.

The import permit South Africa allows people to subsequently access other countries for business using the South African import and export license.

A license is needed when products are worth more than R10,000 or if you ship more than three times in a year. If you buy or sell for business reasons and not personal gain, then you will need to apply for a license. This will ensure the safe tracking of your products and in case of any inconsistencies, the customs duties office can compensate you. You will receive your license notification by email or fax.

Once all the laid procedures are done, a South African business person is licensed to buy or sell his or her items at any time. Importing into South Africa has been made easy by the government that wants to generate revenue for its economy and keep businesses running.

Here are steps to follow in getting the license in SA:

  • Login to SARS website: Login to the South African revenue service (SARS), then fill in an import and export licence application. Information required of you are, your ID, your bank account number, tax clearance, and organization’s company certificate. Once you register, you will get an invoice notifying you of a customs code number.
  • Apply for a permit: You will need a permit that will ensure you observe critical export control measures. This permit guarantees the safe control of products outflow from a country while ensuring that smuggled or stolen items don’t get access to another country. Business people who want to sell goods of a specific nature abroad should apply for an ITAC permit from the customs duties control office at South Africa’s International Trade Administration Commission.
  • Receiving the import or export code: Once you have registered for a SARS import service you will wait two working days for it to be complete. There is an exception for certain goods like scrap metal, which take longer. Once it is complete, you will receive a SARS importers code that allows business people to ship items from other countries. The service is absolutely free.

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