Details on Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) online application 2021

When you think of a school in South Africa that can offer you good result, trust CPUT. The Cape Peninsula University of Technology is at the heart of technology education and innovation in Africa.

An internationally acclaimed institution, it is the only university of technology in the Western Cape and is the largest university in the region with an enrollment of more than 30 000 students.

If you are planning to study at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), how to go about the CPUT online application 2021 should be one of your concerns.

The institution made the option available to all prospective students to ease their application process. Fortunately, you can register online if you are not in a position to be present at any of the campuses.

During this process, questions such as “what is DHET fee adjustment?” and whether or not other grants are available can be answered.

CPUT online application 2021 undergraduate

How do you go about the online application at CPUT? Your eligibility to apply online will be determined by whether you are South African with South African qualifications, and if you are a returning student. If you fall into either of these categories, the process for the online application CPUT is as follows:

  1. Visit the official website of the institution to choose the specific course that you want to apply for. With that, you will be able to understand the specific requirements expected of you.
  2. Gather all your documents together, referring to the details you got on the website in step one above.
  3. Follow the study application guide on the site. This will help you to either complete your application online.
  4. Enter all the details and send the CPUT application form 2021.
  5. Take note that at this point, your applications will be forwarded to the faculties.
  6. Follow up and find out more about your admission status.

Documents needed for CPUT online application for 2020

If you are South African, among others, you are expected to submit the following:

  • Copy of the proof that you paid the application fee;
  • The first page of your Identity Document;
  • Certified copy of your Senior Certificate or any other qualification equivalent to it that you are using;
  • Other relevant documents which are necessary for the course that you are applying for.

If you are non-South African, you need to provide:

  • Copy of the proof that you paid the application fee;
  • A certified copy of your school-leaving certificate, alongside an English translation in case the contents are not written in English;
  • If you have the National Examinations Council (NECO) or the West African Examination Council (WAEC) certificate, you must submit a scratch card alongside it for them to confirm the originality of your result online;
  • A certified copy of your proof of permanent residence or passport/refugee permit, depending on which applies to you;
  • Other relevant documents which are necessary for the course that you are applying for;
  • If you are a student from Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo or Cameroon, you need to submit the Sixth-year Bulletin: Diplom D’Etat and Journal and transcripts of results or Journal or Confirmation of Results from the Embassy.

CPUT online application form 2020

Interested candidates can only go about their CPUT application online. However, there are only a few categories of people who are allowed to apply manually; they include:

  • Students who are not South Africa citizens;
  • South Africans who have international qualifications;
  • Prospective students who possess permanent residency in the country;
  • Those who have Refugee Status/and Asylum Seeker permit;
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) candidates.

To access the application form, you can choose to download it. Alternatively, you can collect the form at any of the registration and application offices at CPUT campuses.

Tracking your CPUT online application status 

The online CPUT track application system is put in place to monitor the state of things with your application. So, to monitor your admission status, here are some steps that will help:

  • Visit the official tracking centre on the institution’s website;
  • Input your passport/ID/Asylum number the way you wrote it when you were filling the form;
  • Alternatively, enter your student number;
  • Then, enter one of the names you used when registering.

If you have further enquiries, you can call the call centre using the following details:

CPUT call centre

Bellville Campus admissions office

  • Tel: +27 21 959 6256
  • Tel: +27 21 959 6270

District Six Campus admissions office

  • Tel: +27 21 460 3393
  • Tel: +27 21 460 3861

CPUT registration 2020 closing date

Details of the deadlines for CPUT online application 2020 undergraduate and postgraduate courses include the following:

  • RPL applications – 31st of August, 2020;
  • Certificate and higher certificates – 23rd of September, 2020;
  • BED qualifications – 23rd of September, 2020;
  • Bachelor in Science – 23rd of September, 2020;
  • Bachelor’s degree, B Tech & Advanced Diploma – 23rd of September, 2020;
  • Diploma and National Diploma – 23rd of September, 2020;
  • Post Graduate Diploma – 23rd of September, 2020;
  • Post Graduate Certificate – 23rd of September, 2020;
  • Honours Bachelors in Education – 23rd of September, 2020;
  • Master’s degree and M Tech (Course-based) – 23rd of September, 2020;
  • Master’s degree and M Tech (Research-based) – 15th of March, 2021;
  • Doctoral degree and D Tech – 15th of March, 2021.

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