Details about Neotel packages and prices

Neotel is a telecommunications network operator that caters for wholesale, business and home customer needs.

If you are looking for a reliable and flexible internet solutions, then Neotel is a perfect choice.

Their packages are proof of excellent service at an affordable price, something that will keep attracting customers to the provider.

You may have wondered what Neotel uncapped WiFi prices would cost. If so, consider the following breakdown. This is what you will find at all Neotel branches countrywide.

First, you need to note that Neobroadband wireless comes in two forms namely the uncapped package and the bundled package.

In this article, we’ll list out every essential details you need to know about Neotel packages and prices.

1. Bundled package

These package comes in two variations, with 200GB bundled at R1299 per month. It has up to 5Mbps speeds and also an out-of-bundle rate of R0.11 and a contention ration of 25:1. While the 300GB bundled at R1599 per month comes with speeds of up to 5Mbps, out of bundle rate of 0.11 and a contention ration of 25:1.

2. Uncapped bundle

This comes with 100GB fair usage policy data, it is also available in 1Mbps with a contention ratio of  25:1. The connection speed can atimes g0 up to 10Mbps. Users should note that these are based on a 24-month contract. You also need to pay a one-time fee of R500 for installation costs.

3. Fiber bundles

Do you need higher speeds for home usage or business? Then, consider going for the fibre bundles. These are priced on a recurring monthly basis as follows:

  • 10Mbps at R1600
  • 20Mbps at R3050
  • 30Mbps at R3900
  • 50Mbps at R4900
  • 100Mbps at R7900
  • 200Mbps at R13000
  • 500Mbps at R17000
  • 1000Mbps at R33,000

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