Cool Ideas Fibre ISP: Review, Packages, Speed Test

Over the last few years, Cool Ideas has grown impressively and now competes successfully against much larger service providers.

Since its inception in 2011, the company has morphed and pivoted quite a bit. In its early days, it offered things like a back-up service and cloud storage.

But these days it’s very much a niche business that provides Fibre Internet Service. One of the best providers is Cool Ideas ISP.

It is most preferred because its uncapped Wi-Fi has the best speed compared to other internet providers in the country. Below is a list of fibre networks and reviews of Cool Ideas ISP.

Cool Ideas fibre

You can get different types of internet deals from the online network service provider. There is ‘fibre to the home’ meant for residential consumers and ‘fibre to the business’ for commercial use. The service provider will give you a free router, which you have to return on the cancellation of the service. When you have Cool Ideas fibre, you will enjoy better connections. Below are the fibre networks for the company.

Fibre to the home (FTTH)

It offers internet packages from a number of networks as outlined.

  • Mitchells Fibre: This is unlimited internet that has a speed of 20Mbps. The value is at R999 with free installation.
  • Vumatel fibre network
  • Dark Fibre Africa
  • Octotel fibre network
  • MetroFibre (MFN)
  • Maboneng
  • Frogfoot: The Century City area is asymmetrical while all other areas are symmetrical. The network has seven packages to choose from.
  • Mitsol Network that has four residential packages.
  • SA Digital Villages
  • Openserve
  • Evotel that has six home packages
  • LinkAfrica
  • Netstream
  • Cool Fibre that supplies online network services at Grenville Gardens, The Refinery, and 44 Stanley
  • FairCape
  • TT Connect
  • Blitz Fibre
  • FibreSuburbs Network
  • Balwin Fibre
  • Waterfall Access Network
  • MTN Fibre network
  • Clearaccess
  • Aeonova
  • Century City Connect
  • Edge Telecoms
  • Century City Connect
  • Vodacom Fibre
  • Samarlink
  • Linteg
  • Lightstruck Fibre
  • Dynamic Fibre
  • Boleng
  • Link Layer

Fibre to the business (FTTB)

You have to submit an application stating your business internet requirements. The service provider will be in touch to discuss the matter as soon as the request is received.

Cool Ideas coverage

Cool Ideas will carry out a feasibility study of your address in relation to the internet network provider chosen once you make an application requesting for internet installation. You should fill the right address in the application form. The internet service provider will get back to you later to inform you if your address is covered or not covered. Cool Ideas coverage, an essential aspect of fibre internet, has to be confirmed for both fibre to the home and fibre to the business.

Cool Ideas fibre review

Cool ideas ISP was ranked third according to Q4 2019 fixed broadband speed test that was carried out by MyBroadband. The online network service provider had an average of 23.742Mbps download speed, 19.872 upload speed, and 26ms latency. The results were achieved by carrying out 390 530 speed tests on iOS and Android speed test apps. The testing was also done in a neutral data centre.

The speed test report also showed the rating of 34,799 users. The users rated it according to their satisfaction. Cool Ideas internet service provider received a score of 3.44/5. A review of the service provider by Google is 2.4/5 by 365 Cool Ideas customers. The trust index is at 1.6/5, according to Hellopeter review on 385 consumers of the product.

As of December 2019, the internet service provider was ranked at first position as a South African ISP that has the best primetime Netflix performance. It was found to have 4.30Mbps. The service provider has maintained this position for some time now. Looking at the Cool Ideas fibre review, you can see that it remains to be the best internet service provider in South Africa.

Cool Ideas login

You need to create a Cool Ideas account by signing up so that you can get a particular internet package. You will have to sign in to make your application. When you have Cool Ideas login, it is also easy to access other services from the company.

Cool Ideas contact

You can easily get in touch with the internet service provider by looking at the Cool Ideas contact, as follows.

(Basement entrance in Baker street)


Johannesburg, 2196

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