Check out these affordable dash cam in South Africa

A dashboard camera driving recorder, or event data recorder (EDR), is an onboard camera that continuously records the view through a vehicle’s front windscreen and sometimes rear or other windows.

With car safety being a concern for all motorists, one of the best things you can do to ensure your car is safe is installing a dash cam.

DashCamSA is a leading vehicle camera systems wholesale company in South Africa. You can choose a wireless, wired, or a dash cam that has both technologies.

A quality car camera in South Africa goes for about R1,600. Garmin dash cam South Africa is also another reliable brand.

Why do you need a dash cam?

You do not have to be a Youtuber to own this camera. Although most people who create YouTube videos in their cars use dash cams, there are more benefits of these devices. Here are the benefits of installing a dash cam in your car:

  • It tracks the speed of your car and warns you when another driver is overspeeding for you to take precautions.
  • The GPS co-ordinates record your location and the routes you are driving on.
  • The cameras have reduced the cases of police misconduct. Cops are afraid of taking bribes, setting up illegal roadblocks, and harassing civilians when they notice that the car cameras record them.
  • It protects the car from theft or vandalism. The motion sensors send alerts to your smartphone or laptop and also trigger off the alarm when someone moves near the car.

What are the best vehicle camera systems South Africa?

The best dash cam South Africa is from Garmin. The process for installing a Garmin dash cam 55 South Africa is simple. The camera has amazing features like:

  • Snapshots
  • Looped recording
  • 1080p HDR video recording
  • 1.4-inch LCD display
  • G-Sensor
  • 4GB MicroSD card

Other DIY installable dashboard cameras that you can buy are:

  1. Nextbase 522GW
  2. YI Smart Dash Camera
  3. Transcend DrivePro 100
  4. Kenwood DRV-830
  5. EagleEye V2+
  6. Thinkware TW-F770
  7. Halfords HDC400
  8. Mini 0805
  9. BlackVue DR900S-2CH
  10. Vantrue N2 Pro.

Who are the best dash cam suppliers South Africa?

Here are the online sites where you will find the best dash cam for sale:

  • Outdoor Warehouse
  • CarDashCam Shop
  • KolokSA
  • SpyShop SA
  • The Gadget Shop
  • PriceCheck
  • Sound Match
  • CAM Africa
  • GodOX Trojan Cameras
  • Alpine Advanced Wi-Fi Dash Cam.

1. High HD power and resolution frame

Check the quality of the camera. You should be able to view clearly the smallest details when you zoom into and out of the images, such as the information on the name tag of the person. The recorded sound has to be clear. The higher the recording frame and resolution power (pixels) of the dash cam, the clearer the images will be.

2. Night vision LED capability

It should be able to record clear images in low light, especially when your car has tinted windows or when driving through the night. Establish the level of its HD resolution power. Dash cam manufacturers continue to upgrade the pixels of their cameras to improve their night vision capability. The latest ones have 1140 pixels, and they are better than the 1080 pixels dash cams.

3. CPL filters

The CPL filter prevents the camera from recording reflections of sunlight from the windshield. Some dash cams have CPL filters inside them, while others need you to buy them separately.

4. G-sensor

The G-sensor will mark the current footage and keep it safely in case of emergency breaking or a car crash. The police will find it easy to determine the cause of the accident from the camera.

5. Cloud storage system

It should be connected to a cloud storage system where there is enough storage capacity for your recordings. Most dashboard cams have 32GB micro SD card class 10. This storage capacity is limited; hence there is a need for backup storage. It should also date and time stamp the footage correctly for easy retrieval.

6. Connection to portable communication devices

Advanced dashboard cams are connected to their mobile apps and software that can be installed on a laptop. The camera’s recordings can be accessed on any device such as an iPhone, smartwatch, smartphone, and laptop. You can track the security of your car from anywhere you are at any time.

7. Wide recording angle

Install a dash cam that has a wide recording angle for it to record the majority of the area under surveillance. Buy a dual front and rear road angle dash cam because it has 360-degree monitoring capability. The largest recording angle for a front car camera is 170 degrees. A rear camera is installed on the registration plate or rear window while the front camera is mounted on the interior windscreen.

8. IP address technology

The dashboard camera should have an IP address technology. The IP address validates the footage that you retrieve from the cloud.

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