Check out the list of security companies in South Africa 2020

Security companies are created mainly to provide armed and unarmed services to public and private clients.

These companies offer services such as guarding, armed reaction, investigating, monitoring, escorting services and so on.

While there are South African Special Forces to handle safety measures, the increased rate of crime makes them inadequate.

Private companies in South Africa that are registered as defense service providers are over 9,000. People often hire these security companies based on cost, reliability, and reputation.

Similar to the South African Special Task Force, the private safekeeping firms require regulation.

List of private companies in South Africa

So this list may not be exhaustive. Nonetheless, these are some of the registered private protection firms in South Africa.

Security companies in Cape Town

Some of the private defense companies in Cape Town are:

  • PSI Company
  • Ezwelethu Protection and Training
  • Secur
  • Phika Safety Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Austen Defense Group
  • INGWE Company
  • GRD Safety Services Sikwekwe
  • Protection Service GN Protection Company
  • National Security & Fire

List of registered security companies in Gauteng

There are numerous private safekeeping companies in Gauteng. While it is not exhaustive, this is the list of security companies in Gauteng:

  • Visual Superior Security Solutions (Pty) Ltd
  • Urban Communications and Safety Solutions cc
  • Tsholofelo-Bernice Trading Enterprise
  • Tracker Connect Pty Ltd
  • Stryker
  • Servest Company Security Professional Services (Pty) Ltd
  • Revert Risk Management Solutions
  • RDC – Radio Data Communications
  • Phuthadichaba Trading Enterprises cc
  • Omega Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd
  • NSA Global Security Consultants (Pty) Ltd
  • NAKA TSA Phala Trading Enterprise
  • Mustek Limited – Mustek Security Technologies (MST)
  • Mpefela Safety Services
  • Mokato Protection Services
  • MIG Protection Services
  • Mamayila Trading Enterprise
  • Macibo Security Services (PTY) Ltd
  • LPS Corporate Safety Services
  • JCCA Company
  • Ithemba Sky Mark Company
  • Imvula Quality Protection
  • Imperial Armour
  • I & J Company
  • Hlongwane Security & Projects
  • HISSCO International
  • Great Minds Network Trading Enterprise
  • Global Risk Solutions (GRS)
  • Genius Plus Enterprises Ltd
  • Fire Check (Pty) Ltd
  • Fedile Projects
  • Electrim Control Systems
  • Eagle CCTV
  • Doculam (Pty) Ltd
  • D & K Investigations & Consultants
  • Centurion Systems
  • BOLWA Protection Services
  • Black Water Hub
  • BB Crime Protection Services
  • APM Protection Services
  • Amadube Safety Services
  • 42nd Precinct Company
  • Allcash Technologies (Pty) Ltd
  • Alcohol Breathalysers (Pty) Ltd
  • Alpha Vision Business Holdings
  • Active Track (Pty) Ltd

Security companies in Johannesburg

Some of the private safety firms in Johannesburg are:

  • Ansascape t/a Nogada SA
  • Dream The Deal
  • Ewing Company
  • ijm Maintenance Made Easy
  • Kassky
  • Mr. Fence
  • Mr. Gate
  • MYC Security Association
  • Peaceforce Security Group
  • Regal Distributors
  • Robo Door
  • S3 Risk Management
  • Jalade Management Electronic Security Providers
  • ADT Security
  • Group Ten Security Pty Ltd
  • SB Protection Company
  • Specialised Security Systems
  • Dozen Company
  • Parallel Systems
  • SME Tracking
  • Magen Protection Services
  • D & D Tactical Security Services
  • CMS Company
  • DT Risk Management
  • A and A Safety Solutions
  • City Guards
  • IbISecurity Services

List of security companies in Pretoria

In Pretoria, some of the safekeeping companies are:

  • ADT Pretoria
  • ESS
  • Chandel
  • Garden Angels
  • SafeNet Company
  • IMC Reaction

Grade A

The Grade A protection person is a site manager who manages the safekeeping people, solves problems, designs safety measures, and conducts daily risk assessments on site. This is the highest grade.

Grade B

The primary role is accessing control in areas that are considered high risk. They may also serve as a site manager and can manage lower grade officers.

Grade C

Grade C  involves accessing control over regions that are considered high-risk. They also manage the lower grade officers.

Grade D

The primary role is to access control over hazardous areas.

Security companies in South Africa are necessary for crime mitigation. Often, these companies work alongside the South African Special Task Force. Before hiring a protection company, it is essential to assess its reliability, work ethics, professionalism, and registration license.

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