Check out the list of international recruitment agencies in South Africa

With the wide range of international recruitment agencies in South Africa. It is advisable t0 undertake thorough research on the agency before sending your job application.

This will possess knowledge and information on their areas of specialty, addresses, cost of services, mode of operations, contacts, and other related factors.

It will ease your job-hunting endeavors, and also help you choose and receive the best services available.

Are you searching for a list of recruitment agencies in South Africa? Listed below are some that we have compiled:

1. Initiate international

This is a renowned recruitment agency whose branches are located in Johannesburg and Cape Town. They specialize in Sales, IT, Office Administration, Finance, Digital Marketing, Property, Contact Centers, Online Gaming, and Executive jobs in South Africa. They also connect clients with companies that seek to hire speakers of various foreign languages.

2. Waitre d’

One of the most highly rated and reputable placement agencies for overseas jobs in South Africa is the Waitre d’. This agency exudes an excellent and professional work ethic. They have a policy of not applying any charges to applicants who wish to apply for a job in any of the positions offered by their clients. The staff at Waitre d’ provide personalized services to both their candidates and clients, regardless of the industry in which one is engaged.

It is one of the best recruitment agencies in Cape Town as they also offer free presentations all over the country. No obligation or agency fees are charged to any candidate.

3. Integrated Offshore Services Africa

This is one of the most prestigious international recruitment agencies in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and generally in South Africa. Their main focus is on divisions that deal with Oil and Gas, construction, and mining, as well as health & safety, well delivery, drilling, sub-sea & marine, and also the architectural sector. The goal of this company is to provide excellent staffing services to international clients who desire to hire top-notch and able candidates. They have managed to be identified among the best Dubai recruitment agencies in South Africa.

4. Jobvine

Jobvine is among the reputable South African recruitment agencies for UK, USA, Taiwan, Canada, and also a few Far-East countries that have a safe living and working environment. They provide candidates of any age, gender, and ethnicity with numerous job opportunities to work abroad.

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