Check out the best container home in South Africa

One of the best alternatives to settling South Africa’s large population is through the use of container homes.

These are intermodal containers made of steel and can be designed to make convenient homes through architectural and engineering knowledge.

Across the world and in South Africa, container homes have gained popularity because of their convenience and cheap price.

For instance, an average house costs about R1 million whereas a container home can cost only R100,000. This makes container homes very affordable.

In addition, it is more tedious to build a home using conventional material as compared to ordering a ready-made container home for installation in your residential area.

As a result, people wishing to own homes in South Africa are now considering container homes hence making them more popular.

Shipping container houses prices

A well-converted house can look so good that no one can quickly tell that it was once a cargo container. Some developers are adding value to the concept by modifying them into:

  • Medical clinics
  • Portable offices
  • Schools
  • Ablution blocks
  • Shopping centers

For example, in 2014, an ambitious urban development project was rolled out in Johannesburg to convert ISO shipping containers into retail and residential units. One main objective of this container homes Johannesburg project was to provide affordable housing, and right to their word, in 2017, when the houses were ready for occupation, a unit was going for only R4900 per month.

How much does it cost to build a house in South Africa?

Well, to build an ordinary two-bedroom house under the RDP programme, the South African government uses approximately $8,700. It comes with sanitation, electricity, open plan kitchen, ceiling, tiled floor, and bathroom, but it is poorly finished because most of them are never plastered.

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