Check out the best 20 construction company in Gauteng

In a province like Gauteng being one of the most largest and developed city in South Africa, knowing the best construction company to call for your building work can be a little bit complicated.

For you to get a top-notch service and your desired building, you mustn’t just go for any construction company but a high standard one to be precise.

But don’t worry, this article has compiled a list of top 20 construction companies in Gauteng to help you make the right choice. They are listed and explained below:

1. Tembcoat Projects

Tembcoat firms offer unique building provisions such as sliding doors, waterproofing, and Aluminum windows among other major solutions. It’s located at 304 oak avenue, Ferndale, Randburg 2125, South Africa.

2. Vast Construction Projects Found

Located at Randburg, Vast Construction is one of the efficient building companies in Johannesburg that focuses on building and Project Management.

Just as its name suggests, it offers you “vast solutions” in home improvement, kitchen, bathroom, restaurants, and retail stores to mention a few. Vast offers free 3D drawings hence cost-effective.

3. Hexsagon Construction: Centurion

Located at Wierdpark 0517 Eldo Office Park, in Gauteng, has been in the project building industry for more than 12 years. It offers you a full-time team of experts who are sure to finish any project-based base on your time limit and through a fair price.

Hexagon‘s quality statement includes quality management, quality service, customer satisfaction, standardized work, among others. You also get offers in free quotations and site inspections.

4. Mattoni Projects

Based at Edenglen, Edenvale CBD 1610, Mattoni Projects boasts of an experience of 31 years in the East Rand region. It mainly focuses on house building and market renovating solutions.

5. Afrisom Projects Pty Ltd

Based at 91 Mitchell St, Johannesburg, Houghton, Afrisom Projects offers services that range from home building, tilling, painting, maintenance, renovations, among others.

With ten years of existence, Afrisom states that it is the best option in “Changing homes to houses” and satisfactory professional services since they are NHBRC accredited. Take a look at their excellent offers.

6. Halefang Construction and Projects

Halefang firm assures you quality services by achieving certification by The National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) and the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment that is specialized in supporting African and Indian investors.

7. Laravis Architectural Construction

Laravis Architectural firm is managed by a husband and wife team that is sure to understand your home needs, and it possesses over 12 years of building experience, specifically in the East Rand region.

Laravis happens to be one of the small construction companies in South Africa for home building and renovations.

8. Lew Prop Construction

It is one of the centrally located building companies in Johannesburg city. Lew Prop is renowned for its focus on innovative designs evident even in the Government of South Africa.

9. Space Factory Architecture (Pty) Ltd

Space Factory Architecture has over 16 years of doing what it does best and making investors finally achieve their dreams. It offers Turnkey Design, Principal Agency, and Heritage Consultancy, among others.

10. Build To Impress

Just as the name suggests, Build To Impress is one of the best construction companies in Gauteng that offer a wide range of different building services that you may require to finish your project.

11. Ngara Construction Company, Inc.

Ngara Construction is located at Centurion Central 0157 and offers various services based on its past involvement and expertise in innovation and creativity in both local and national projects.

12. Stark Kitchens

Are you looking for professionals in the installation of kitchen cupboard designs and installation services? Stark Kitchens happens to be one of the leading construction companies Johannesburg that offer you all kitchen and cupboard services.

The firm’s specialization in the sector dates back to 1996, making it experienced and grown in its field. Its address is Airport Industrial Park, Dr. Vosloo Rd, Bartlett, Boksburg, 1460, Boksburg CBD 1460.

13. Africonstruct (Pty) Ltd & Projects

As one of the professional construction companies in Pretoria, Africonstruct was started to provide work to the different talented youth in the building industry.

14. Select Construction

With more than five decades in the industry, Select Construction boasts of making great relationships and partnerships with some of the best engineers, developers, and clients who are rich in experience to enable you to achieve your dream projects.

15. Modcast Construction

The company is NHBRC accredited, and it belongs to the professional group of Master Builders, and it is also graded with a CIDB mark of 5. Modcast Construction offers solutions ranging from houses, flats, and even real estate urban investments.

16. T.Y. D Boukonstruksie

When you talk about building luxury homes and projects, T.Y. D emerges as one of the best building construction companies in Gauteng. Furthermore, it provides other home extension services for that classy touch ever since 1993.

17. RR Herbst Construction

This is one of the few businesses that are willing to surpass its clients’ expectations with the aim of providing the best services. RR Herbst Construction has done some great finishing projects that can be compared to Gauteng companies such as Zotos Property among others.

18. MOJ Engineering Solutions

MOJ is one of the few companies in Gauteng that offer construction services that meet your financial needs. They offer the best advice and project selections based on your needs.

19. C.H. Construction

This is an all under one roof firm that offers answers to all your project needs. Its technological development, capacity, and advancements enable the company to accommodate a large number of clients concerning their project needs.

 20. BCMB Construction

Construction provides services ranging from civil, maintenance, remodeling, and industrial projects. Its postal address is Boksburg CBD with its offices located at Johannesburg CBD 2000.

With the above list of construction companies in Gauteng, you are sure to find an appropriate company that best suits your project and building needs.

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