Check out the 20 best water parks in Gauteng

Gauteng is known to have the best water parks in the whole South Africa and even beyond. Due to this reason, alot of people within and outside the country tour these beautiful destinations for holidays and vacations.

These waterpark offers reliably comfort and limitless fun to different guests, including families visiting the region.

The need for an ocean is now minimal in the province, considering it has enough parks to accommodate and meet the needs of its locals as well as visitors.

So, which water parks in Gauteng should I visit for in my upcoming tour? Listed below are top 20 waterpark you should consider:

1. Wild Waters Boksburg

The site is famous for its long-standing reputation and continued operation in the region. Wild Waters Boksburg offers its guests with waterslide and pool activities with magnificent sceneries for picnics and parties.

2. Pines Resort

Waterslide lovers have every reason to show up at Pines Resort for an experience like no other. The park, located at Krugersdorp, is a suitable touring destination with lots of other family-friendly activities. The swimming pool and braai facilities offer the best experience for everyone in the park.

3. StokeCity WakePark

You should probably consider having cost-friendly entertainment at StokeCity WakePark. This family-friendly destination has several sections with mind-blowing activities for visitors of all ages. The cable park stands out for its water boating, knee boarding, and waterskiing that utilizes a cable system to entertain guests.

4. ZambiBush Resort

ZambiBush Resort is appropriate for kids and adults that love to play in many waters. The swimming pool, water slides, and playgrounds are all exciting. Animal lovers can also learn about different animal species confined in a zoo at the park.

5. Aquadome water park

The park sits at Vanderbijlpark and forms a part of Emerald Resort & Casino, offering fun unending to its frequently returning guests. The resort provides ambient temperature controls, making it an all-season destination. Show up at Aquadome for summer equivalent fun with the waters during the cold season.

6. Happy Island Muldersdrift

Happy Island water park Muldersdrift attracts several visitors for its beautiful nature and unending fun activities. Visitors to the waterpark find their slides amazing and exciting for a perfect day.

7. Cedar Junction

Cedar Junction is one of the best water parks in Pretoria offering eye-catching sights and unlimited fun. The resort provides private areas and grounds for parties with the freedom to carry their food supplies.

8. Melrose

The resort is perfect for tree lovers and zip line fanatics. The destination is family friendly and offers memory marking activities and engagements among them quarter-kilometer zip lines, Tarzan jump, Monkey Bridge, and wire walk.

9. Saddle Creek Adventures

Waterpark Johannesburg experiences are incredible, and Saddle Creek Adventures are no different. The destination is typical for its unending activities that include playful activities.

10. Gold Reef City

The resort is a convenient entertainment center for both children and adults. There are teambuilding facilities, casino, conferencing, theatre, and 4-star hotels. Besides the water park experience and sightseeing, guests can enjoy the Apartheid Museum.

11. Happy Island Johannesburg

Happy Island water park is eye-catching and a rare destination that beats all other water parks in Johannesburg. From slides to swimming, the place is epic and memorable.

12. Happy Island Waterworld Johannesburg 

The resort prides as the only destination with the largest wave pools across Africa, making it an irresistible water park Johannesburg. Other hilarious activities at Happy Island Waterworld include Gravity Loop, Lazy River, Spiral Slide, High-Speed Slide, Massage Pools, Typhoon, and Pirate Boat Slide.

13. Happy Island Water World Muldersdrift

Muldersdrift is another major destination where visitors can enjoy a refreshing experience at Happy Island Waterworld. Play with the water among other involving activities to brighten your vacation with friends and family.

14. Deep Water Park Verena

The water and amusement park is an attractive destination for visitors that find water a playmate. At the park, you will enjoy theme park swimming, fancy restaurants, and great swimming pools.

15. GOG Lifestyle Park 

The park is exceptional and adventurous, therefore attracting high-end corporates and event persons. There is plentiful to see at GOG Lifestyle Park and so many activities to brighten your day with newer experiences.

16. Rand Water Zwartkoppies Sports and Recreation

The resort is another attractive sport, and recreational park destination in Gauteng, South Africa. Visiting the park is expository on fun fair games and intense water play activities.

17. Hugh Wyndham Park

Hugh Wyndham sits in Johannesburg, South Africa. The site offers endless recreational activities that include slides, walks, and bike rides, among other competitive engagements.

18. Zita Park

Visitors visit the site for its Paddling Pool which attracts both children and adults alike for a good day off. Visiting the park in Pretoria, South Africa is an experience that you will never compare or regret

19. Harties Waterpark

The park forms a part of Animal Park and Hartbeespoortdam Snake offering several other water sporting activities such as sliding. This site is family friendly and highly affordable to visit.

20. Valley of Waves 

Both thrill slides and lazy river guarantee guests exciting experiences. The park has enough lifeguards and children area wave pool. Valley of waves is hilarious due to its deep waters and funfair activities.

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