Check out some of the Dreadlocks styles for both men and women

We are in the 21st century and one can not count the amount of hair style we have in the whole world.

Well, everyone has its own style he/she wants but today we would be looking at some of the dreadlocks style we have.

Dreadlocks is one hairstyle that has been known for over a decade.

Their beauty and convenience are the factors that are attracting more people to them.

They are not boring as some people perceive.

Dreadlocks are easy to style and do not require so much energy and resources to maintain.

The best thing about them is that they can be worn by both men and women.

Dreadlocks for women:

1. Ombre Dreads

2. Dreadlock Ponytail

3. Dreadlock mohawk

4. High puff dreads bun

5. Low puff bun

6. Neat but skinny dreads

7. Twisted dreads

8. Braided dreadlocks

9. The crazy locks

10. The bob length locks

Dreadlocks for men

1. The ombre look

2. The messy high up bun

3. The mohawk

4. Dreadlocks fishtail

5. The high up bun

6. Neat but skinny dreads

7. Taper fade and dreads

8. Neatly done baby locks

9. Half high up bun

10. Front bangs

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