Interesting things to know about Candice Modiselle

Candice Modiselle is a South African multi-talented actress who was born into a talent-filled family and found her purpose at a young age.

The star was born on May 16, 1995 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and she’s the last born.

Candice has 2 sisters who are also in the entertainment industry and they are; Bontle and Refilwe.

The Modiselles are known for their stunning body and beauty, aside being talented in the different areas in which they function in the industry.


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The 25-year-old is an Emcee and TV presenter, and she’s inspired young youths with her skills.

Being an actress on Generation The Legacy and becoming one of the presenters on YoTV was a great deal for her.

Candice applied to the University of Witwatersrand to have Bachelor’s Degree in dramatic arts, and emerged as the overall highest achiever.


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Candice is private about her love life, though, she hinted at being single in January, 2021, despite rumors of dating Isibiya actor Pallance Dladla.

She’s loved by her fans and their support has gotten her up to a million followers on Instagram.

Candice appreciates her family, and she was raised by her mother after she lost her father in 1997.

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