Best South African Gospel hits ever

Gospel artists in South Africa are currently topping the chart as one of the best musicians in the country.

They have created a comfortable worship experience with God through their lyrics and sounds. Here is a list of the best gospel songs in SA.

Top 10 Gospel songs in South Africa:
1. Wahamba Nathi
Wahamba Nathi is one of the best South African praise songs. It is known and danced to across the African continent. The singer, Pastor Solly Mahlangu R released the song in 2017 and it still topping the chart today as one of the best ever from South Africa.
2. Our God is Awesome
Neville D’s Our God is Awesome is one that has been accepted widely across the country. The artist featured Khaya Mthethwa in the praise song which is a proclamation of the various things that Jesus is in the lives of believers.
3. Wenzile
Wenzile which translates as “He has done” tops this list. It is made by one of the best gospel groups in South Africa. The song is a reminder of God’s faithfulness upon the lives of Christians.
4. Loliwe
Loliwe is a song that has received wide acceptance within and beyond South Africa. The song preaches the message of holding on to God and been steadfast to him because he will always come through for his children.

Top worship songs
1. Lion of Judah
Lebo Sekgobela’s Lion of Judah is a track that challenges you into reestablishing your relationship with God. The singer through her vocals and artistic talent passes the message God is the Lion of Judah, and she asks if her listeners are ready for his dominance.
2. No Other God
No other God by Dr. Tumi is a song that helps you to give up all to God and allow his sovereignty to reign in your live. It helps you to stop focusing on the unnecessary things in life and learn to commit your love and true dedication to God alone. The song has about 4 million views since it was released on YouTube which shows its popularity.
3. This I Know – Ungizungezile
This worship group featuring Khaya Mthethwa has put into a song the prayer on the lips of every Christian. The message of the song which is drawn from “Psalms 139:5 says You have hedged me behind and before, And laid Your hand upon me.” The song has garnered over three million views.
4. Many Rivers to Cross
Many rivers to cross by the Soweto Gospel choir preach the message that there are hurdles that will want to shake your faith as a Christian, but you shouldn’t compromise your faith as a believer because the reward of remaining steadfast is sweet and worth it.
5. Ntate Kemang
Spirit of Praise 6 feat. Dumi Mkokstad is a live performance that brought together great Christian artists to worship the Lord. This is increasingly becoming a popular occurrence over time. The convergence of these artists leads to a beautiful creation, all for the glory of God.
6. Ndiza
Ndiza which translates as “I will come” is a track that tells us to always remember to cry to God when we go astray, because as humans we are prone to failing and falling, but when we do, we should always remember to go back to God.
There may be numerous other South African gospel songs that you may have listened to. In case you want to have a great time praising or getting before the Lord in worship and prayer, consider the above songs. Bottom line is, finding a South African gospel song is not something you should be struggling with. Download, save and have a couple in your playlist for every time you want to uplift your spirit.

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