Best private investors for small South African businesses

We all know it is not what we think about starting a company. The ability to sustain and expand a business happens to be one of the challenging parts of it. Funds play a big role in moving a business forward and sustaining it.

We’ve made it easier by compiling names of private investors for small businesses in South Africa.

Ways of getting funds to start your business:

To get funds for your firm, seek support and deals from the following:

  • Venture Capital Investors
  • Angel Investors
  • Private Equity Funding

South African Micro-Finance Apex Fund (SAMFAF) 

The aim of this association is to provide financial supports to micro-businesses, especially those that are located in rural areas.

1. Greycroft Partners: Greycroft Partners aims to accelerate entrepreneurship by investing funds in companies at any stage. It is located in New York, but it has a massive footprint in many African countries including South Africa. They focus on ICT-based ideas.

2. Rising Tide Africa (RTA):  They partner mainly with digitally or technology-enabled startups to develop solutions that will yield financial returns.

3. Kgatelopele: From the ownership to its investment choices, everything about it speaks South African. If you decide to partner with Kgatelopele, you will not have to relinquish control of your venture

4. Accion: Accion offers another option that you should consider when looking for companies to invest in your venture. This company is big on fintech innovation, and it not only provides financial support to entrepreneurs but also advises them on how to expand and grow

5. VC4Africa: VC4Africa connects entrepreneurs and investors together. As a startup, being in the venture ecosystem increases your chances of getting funds.

6. Goodwell Investments: Goodwell Investments has established its presence in countries across the world.

An excellent example of the projects in which Goodwell Investments has invested is WhereIsMyTransport.

7. Kalon Venture Partners: Kalon Venture Partners offer the best option if you are looking for something more than just funding and smart capital. You will also enjoy impressive returns. This financial provider runs from Johannesburg in South Africa; hence, it is easy to contact them and present your pitch.

8. Knife Capital: Knife Capital is accepting applications for Grindstone 5, which is an entrepreneurship program that aims to drive companies to set the right foundation during starting and become sustainable and fundable. Its name will show up if you look up for startups funding South Africa.

Other Investors who are interested in Africa.

  • Gour Lentell
  • Ernst Hertzog
  • Avi Eyal
  • Eric Edelstein
  • Joel Gascoigne
  • Michael Leeman
  • Lawrence T Levine
  • Brett Dawson
  • Dan Stephenson
  • Malcolm Gray
  • Jesse Hemson-Struthers
  • Shlomi Podgaetz
  • Pardon Makumbe
  • Charles Lorenceau

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