Best online food delivery vendors in SA

You might suddenly remember in the middle of an engrossing task that you haven’t had a meal for a while, at this point leaving your chore to fix something in the kitchen might be an extra burden, neither can you go out to the nearest restaurant to grab a quick meal, this is where online food delivery vendors come in.

They bring your preferred meal to you anywhere you are, all you have to do is order from the comfort of your home and you will have your meal.

A list of the fastest and most reliable food delivery apps in SA will help you with your search when looking for where to order your next meal from.

Top online food delivery vendors in South Africa

1.Mr. Delivery
Mr. Delivery offers one of the widest range of meals to its customers. It offers varieties which range from burgers, vegan food, Asian cuisines, Indian meals, sushi, pizza, vegan dishes, international dishes, breakfast, snacks, chicken, seafood, to stakes & grills and many more.
Its services are swift and prompt and it delivers meals to customers across different cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, East London, Polokwane, Nelspruit, Kimberly, etc.
To use their services, you have to download the Mr. Delivery app and sign in. payment through their app is also simple, you can pay using a card, in cash, or via the ETF in-app. They have made their services transparent as you can the Mr. D courier until your meal arrives at your doorstep.
2.Uber delivery
Uber foods also offer a wide variety of cuisines like meals for a romantic dinner, Mexican cuisines, Indian diners, Chinese treats, Middle Eastern food, African dishes etc. They also take orders for desserts and pastries. They operate across the country in cities like Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, and Johannesburg, etc.
3.Oishi Sushi
Oishi Sushi deals mainly in foreign dishes; it offers services such as sushi, rice and soups, drinks, appetizers, and instant food delivery. It is based in Cape Town, but it is a fast and reliable online vendor.
Yumbi is an online food ordering platform based in South Africa that brings your meal fast and right to your doorstep. The platform gives you a great ordering experience, has a wide range of your favourite meals, and still offers secure payment methods. You can find more information about Yumbi on their website.
Appetite food delivery service operates mainly in Cape Town and Durban; it brings your meal to your doorstep and you can be sure you will be getting the exact thing you ordered for. Appetite is efficient and it thrives on its quality service.
6.Mr. Price
Using the Mr. Price online app, you can order anything from snacks to dinner. You can trust their services as they deliver promptly and quickly.
7.Nandos Ormonde
If what you are craving is chicken, Nandos Ormonde has your back. It delivers your chicken just the way you want it at affordable prices and with drinks and snacks if you care for it.
8.Daily Dish
Daily Dish is a bit different from the aforementioned vendors in that it delivers ingredients and not already cooked meals to your doorstep. You get ingredients that are directly from the farm without visiting the grocery store. Daily Dish also offers a dinner box with perfectly portioned ingredients delivered in recyclable, refrigerated packaging, where you can cook up to four nutritious recipes per week. You can select five different menu options at a fair price.

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