Best MWEB ADSL deals you can subscribe to

Ever since the advent of the internet getting affordable and reliable data has been the challenge faced by most internet users. And in recent years, more innovations have sprung up to combat this challenge. In South Africa, data price has significantly reduced in the last couple of years and this can be attributed to the rising fiber-fever in the country.

Even though it was reported by ICASA in 2018 that the DSL subscribers have increased about 36.7%, internet users still prefer the MWEB because the DSL is not available in every part of the country. Aside from the MWEB ADSL’s general availability, it is popular and offers some of the best fiber internet deals in the country which has made many internet users to embrace this option.

The ADSL is a form of technology that allows quicker transmission of data through the use of copper telephone lines. This means that it allows you to access the internet using existing copper cables which have wider coverage and is swifter than the orthodox voice band modem. Despite it’s widespread, you have to install a voice line to enjoy this fast internet service. ADSL means Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line.

Just like every other organization whose interest is tailored towards satisfying the specific needs of its target audience. MWEB ADSL has a wide range of options for their users to choose from. These options are available under the “capped” and “uncapped” categories. The major difference between the categories is that, the “uncapped option” affords more users to share the given bandwidth of a data unlike the “capped” option.


MWEB ADSL Uncapped deals.

  1. 2Mbps Uncapped: This data plan is ideal for customers who spend most of their time surfing the internet, sending emails, interacting on social media, and engaging in financial online transactions. This subscription option is suitable for people who fancy spending their data without worrying about limits. This plan costs R99 monthly.


  1. 4Mbps Uncapped: this is one of the most popular MWEB ADSL package in SA. Most users prefer it because is less restrictive and limiting unlike the 2 Mbps Uncapped. It is the ideal data plan if you love streaming live videos and music, and if you also enjoy having an uninterrupted social media connection. Aside from this benefit, it comes with a free MWEB talk VoIP number, all year tech support, a 2GB of mailbox space, and four options for aliases. This plan costs R219 per month.


  1. 8Mbps Uncapped: This subscription plan is available for R259 monthly. It is perfect for users who like to make VoIP calls, stay online all the time, stream, watch and download music and videos. This package comes with a free MWEB talk VoIP number and uncapped anytime data.


  1. 10Mbps Uncapped: This package comes with uncapped data allocation of 10Mbps. It is suitable for home use especially for individuals looking for something that allows them an uninterrupted social media connection, online gaming, making VoIP calls, and streaming videos and music. The subscription is renewed monthly with R389 and it affords you the advantage of uncapped data anytime and also a free MWEB talk VoIP number.


  1. 20Mbps Uncapped: this plan is especially ideal for small business owners. It allows for very fast internet connection, and it is suitable for downloading files, streaming videos and music online, making VoIP calls, uploading content, as well as gaming online. You do not have to worry over data limits with this bundle as it allows you unlimited anytime data. It goes for R529, and it is renewed monthly. Private individuals can also subscribe to this plan.


  1. 40 Mbps Uncapped: The 400 Mbps ADSL package offers subscribers uncapped anytime data. It is suitable for home use as well as for small businesses in need of speeds that can withstand HD videos, heavy content uploads and downloads, online gaming, streaming of videos and music, as well as making VoIP calls. For R929 a month, subscribers enjoy the convenience of 40 Mbps unlimited anytime data. However, it does not include an ADSL line.

MWEB ADSL Capped deals.

Unlike the Uncapped MWEB ADSL packages, the Capped deals restricts the number of devices that can be connected to it at a time, and also, it limits you to a certain amount of data monthly.

  1. 150GB plan: This plan allocates 150GB data to you monthly, and does not include an ADSL line. It comes with uncapped nighttime and 150GB anytime data and a free MWEB talk VoIP number. Users who prefer this plan should have a DSL line. Just like other MWEB ADSL packages, the 150G option comes with yearly tech support, 2GB mailbox space and 4 different aliases. You will have to renew your subscription monthly for R165, and you can’t connect to more than two devices.


  1. 200GB plan: This deal offers 200GB worth of data. It also does not include an ADSL line. According to the speed of this package, it is best for connecting 2 -3 devices at a go. With a monthly charge of R219, this package includes a free MWEB Talk VoIP number and uncapped nighttime data. Customers who subscribe to this package can also enjoy tech support all year round and a 2GB mailbox space with 4 aliases.



  1. 300GB plan: This monthly MWEB ADSL package offers customers 300GB of data. It depends on the DSL line; hence, it does not include an ADSL line. It is available at R329 per month, and it is suitable for connecting 2-3 devices. Subscribers enjoy uncapped nighttime data, a free MWEB talk VoIP number, and 300GB of anytime data.


  1. 400GB plan: For an extra R100 per month, subscribers can enjoy 400 GB of data. Unlike most MWEB bundles that serve only 1-2 connected devices, the 400GB package is best suited for 4-5 devices. As a subscriber of this package, you enjoy uncapped nighttime data, 400GB anytime data, and a free MWEB Talk VoIP number. Additionally, you get all-year tech support and 2GB of mailbox space. However, it does not include a line.


  1. 500GB plan: This package affords subscribers 500 GB of data, with a speed that can serve about 4 – 6 connected devices. The 500GB option does not come with an ADSL line but includes a free MWEB Talk VoIP number, uncapped nighttime data, and 500GB anytime data. The bundle also includes 2GB of mailbox space, 4 aliases, and tech support is given free all year round. It requires a monthly subscription of R529.


  1. 600GB plan: This line dependent package is useful for connecting numerous devices at once. Subscribers of this package enjoy 600 GB of anytime data, uncapped nighttime data, and a free MWEB talk VoIP number. It does not include a line. It is available for R629 a month.


  1. 800 GB Plan: This package depends on a DSL line; hence, it does not come with an ADSL line. Payable on a monthly basis, the 800GB capped bundle affords you 800 GB of data suitable for connecting several devices. For R829 a month, subscribers enjoy 800GB anytime data, uncapped nighttime data, and a free MWEB talk VoIP number.


  1. 1000GB Plan: For R1,039 each month, subscribers of this package enjoy 1000 GB anytime data, uncapped nighttime data, and a free MWEB talk VoIP number in addition to the yearly tech support and 2GB of mailbox space (with 4 aliases). Since the 1000GB package is DSL dependent, it does not include an ADSL line.


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