Best luxury and beautiful houses in South Africa

Real estate is an extravagance everyone wants to bask in, we would all like to luxuriate in the splendor of a magnificent mansion decked with the best of furniture and exotic architectural designs. There are houses that are beautiful in terms of everything, i.e when we talk of the landscape, designs, facilities, and structures. You have probably seen a lot of them in magazines, home decoration shows, movies, real estate expos, pictures and in reality.

South Africa boasts some of the world’s most extravagant homes and beautiful mansions.

Top luxury homes in SA:

1. Gatsby
This name probably reminds you of the famous Gatsby movie. If you have seen the movie – The Great Gatsby, then you will understand what a house
would look like to be named Gatsby. Located in Houghton Estate, the in Johannesburg, Gatsby is a large 2000 meters square mansion with eight en-suite bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, two dining areas, two lounges, and six garages. The property boasts of a gymnasium, a wellness spa, a library, a conference room, and a private nightclub. A view of the house from the garden it one of the most beautiful houses in South Africa. The property was most recently listed for a price of R120000000 making it one of the most expensive mansions in South Africa for sale

2. Palazzo Steyn
Palazzo Steyn is a private property developed on the Steyn City Property estate. The house is built on what was formerly a quarry. It was designed by architect, Wynand du Plessis , the house overlooks the quarry to appear as though a huge chunk fell in the water. The functionality of the building house is made easy with automatic lighting in every room when there is an occupant. The house is covered completely in intricate art and marble art. The doors and furniture are all made out of African hardwood. Each room is uniquely decorated to give each a unique feel and experience. Inside the house and next to the guest bedrooms is an indoor pool, a gymnasium and a spa. Each guest bedroom is completely different from the other to give guests a different experience each time they visit.

Deuw Steyn’s seven suite villa is one of the most modern houses in South Africa and also a few meters squares shy of being the biggest house in South Africa.

3. Casablanca
Casablanca is a 3133 square meters home. It is at the height of extravagance in South Africa, having a grand lounge that can host close to 1000 guests. It has 8 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, an 18-seat movie theatre, a 25 meters square long swimming pool with a stunning view of the ocean. The property also features a 14-car garage with chandeliers, a full-size squash court, a massage therapy room, a sauna, a kitchen with 12-seat dining, a wine cellar and whiskey bar.
This property is the most expensive house in Cape Town at the moment with the selling price marked at R450 million.

4. Kloof Road House
Kloof Road House is located in Bedfordview Johannesburg. Every room in the house is connected to the outside so that you can have a view of the north anywhere in the home. The living room, dining room, kitchen, and porch double volume spaces make for seamless integration of wide-open spaces. Glass doors separate the living room and lanai, they can be folded away to enjoy a continuous space with the concrete floors joining the two spaces giving the living room an outdoor feel. The house has heated floors so no worries about the concrete getting too cold at night. The heating system uses water that is warmed using solar panels on the roof. The four bedrooms in the house are all en-suite with two children’s bedrooms, a guest room, and the master suite. There is a pajama room and a den in the house as well for family entertainment, and they overlook the open plan kitchen and living room. Outside these rooms is the balcony above the porch with a view of Sandton in the distance. Outside, next to the swimming pool is a fire pit, barbecue space, and a bar. This house is perfect for entertaining guests outside and inside.

5. Constantia
Located in Cape Town, Western Cape, 7806 South Africa, this mansion is a $1000000 building with 6 bedrooms, and a partial bathroom. The mansion spans across 23099 square feet. The house has an all wooden floor, including the pool deck outside. The property has some of the most modern design materials using glass and metal for an edgy look and softening it all up with the wooden floors and furnishings to give it a cozy feel. It is arguably one of the best houses in South Africa at the moment.

Most beautiful homes in SA:

1. Umhlanga Rocks
The $2.7 million-dollar property located in KwaZulu-Natal is a 7-bedroom, 5-bathroom mansion. The fountains outside its main entrance give it a distinctly European feel while the pool deck at the back gives it an edgier modern feel with the wooden floor. The tiles ceramic floors inside match perfectly with the colors of the walls. The living room has a stunning view of the landscape with the doors opening up to the balcony overlooking the pool area below. The soft beige accents give a warm feel to the interior of the house. Each room is uniquely styled with the den having the most versatile decoration. The master bedroom features a walk-in closet, and it does not include his and hers section; however, other facilities on the property are 2 guest suites, a jacuzzi, a bar and a yoga studio with a private entrance.

2. Magnificent Mountainside Location
The Magnificent Mountainside Location, Somerset West, Western Cape 7130, South Africa is one of the most beautiful houses in the country. The property sits on 0.579 acres of land and has 4 bedrooms and bathrooms and one partial bathroom. The white exterior is complemented by the massive glass walls that reflect the blue of the sky to give a beautiful blue hue. Using contemporary architectural styles this house is one of the most modern houses in South Africa. It features a glass elevator to make it easier to move across all four volumes of the house with ease. There is also a staircase between every level. You get a view of the ocean from all four bedrooms and the pool outside as well. The house has a fitness studio, a massage room, a wine cellar, home theatre, and a self-contained staff flatlet. The fourth volume is the master suite, private with a pajama lounge and a study room.

3. Bishopscourt
This is a stunning property that costs $3.1 million, it has 4 bedrooms and one full bathroom. The property is expensive, yes, not for its size but because of the aesthetics of the lands surrounding it. The house offers an unmatched view of the landscape. The design blends seamlessly with the green vegetation. The glass doors and windows allow for the best natural lighting during the day. The refreshing interior of the house is a mix of old fashion minimalist designs mixed with the simple sophistication of today’s home décor choices. Some rooms have little furniture with dull colors while some are popping with bright green furniture. The whole design concept is knit together perfectly with the soft textures of the wooden floors and furniture. The home also features a full HD theatre system to meet your entertainment needs and state of the art security features as well.

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