Basic guideline on how to start a water purification business in SA

The global water purification industry is growing at a rapid pace, and experts predict the global market will be worth $45.3 billion by 2022.

Thus, if you’re looking to start a business that has massive growth potential in South Africa, a water purification company looks like a good bet.

But starting a water purification business isn’t easy, and you likely have many questions about what’s involved. Will you need any special paperwork? How does it really work?

There are different methods of purification of Di-hydrogen monoxide depending on the amount to be purified and its use.

The main aim of H2O treatment is to remove all the components that are not wanted. There are several ways of purifying aqua. They include:

  • Boiling
  • Filtration
  • Distillation
  • Chlorination

Water Purification Systems

There are also several water purification systems such as:

1. Reverse osmosis purification systems

Reverse osmosis is the most efficient method of water purification. It is capable of removing 90% of all the dissolved solids, 100% of all organics, and 100% of bacteria.

2. Ultra Violet System

UV systems are another example of water filters South Africa that remove contaminants. It is a two-part system: the aqua is pre-filtered to remove dust, enters a second chamber to remove sediment chlorine, and is then passed through an ultra-violet germicidal lamb that destroys 99% of the bacteria.

3. Water Softeners

These softeners are other forms of water purifiers South Africa. They vary in sizes depending on the amount to be purified. High pressure and low-pressure systems are all available.

Other systems of H2O purification include:

  • Membranes
  • Dosing Systems
  • Domestic purifiers
  • Ultra Filtration Systems
  • Starting the Business

Aqua purification is a business opportunity just like any other. Starting a water purification business will most likely involve bottling. You will at least need to do the following to set up a water purification system small business.

1. Have a business plan

This will help you have a clear idea of the cost of the entire project. How much money you will need to start the business and what skills you will need to make it successful. A well-drawn business plan will cost you at least R200 if you draw it yourself and R10,000 if you hire a professional to do it for you.

2. Register the business

You will need a business license to operate and incorporate your firm. This will cost you up to R1,000.

3. Register with health regulatory agencies

You will definitely need this to run a selling water business. in South Africa, SANBWA is the agency to go to get the relevant licenses.

4. Building the actual factory

This will depend on how much capital you have at hand. If the money is not much, start small and expand with time.

5. Water supply

You will need to have a constant source of water supply, and, if possible, several sources. Depending on your source, you will decide on the location of the company.

6. Power supply

You will need a steady source of power supply and have a backup generator to guarantee the business running.

7. Water treatment plant

You will need to find a water purification system that will make the water cleaner, maintain its good taste, and still not strip off its natural minerals.

8. Mineral injection facility

Some treatment methods remove the natural minerals in the aqua, therefore, the need to artificially inject the minerals back.

9. Water packaging

Find the appropriate bottle to package the product in.

10. Labels

Find the most suitable unique label to use to avoid being sued by other companies.

11. Marketing your product

This is done by advertising the product via all means like TV, radio, Gazettes, etc. You have to be ready to incur the cost of promoting your product.

12. Staffing

You will definitely need adequate and qualified staff for the business to run normally.

13. Website

At this age, your company will definitely need to have an official website where you will get feedback from your consumers or even complaints. It will also provide a platform for you to increase the awareness of your product.

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