All you need to know on RDP house

RDP houses are owned and built by the government also subsidized for affordable housing and decent human settlement.

RDP houses fall under the Reconstruction and Development Programme in South Africa. Nelson Mandela executed the RDP policy of social and economic factor framework. This was through his governing African National Congress (ANC) in 1994

According to the City of Ekurhuleni’s website, over 29 00 housing units have been delivered (jointly by the Gauteng Province and the City) and over 17 000 serviced stands.

To apply for an RDP house, you need to comply the National Housing Subsidy Scheme. This means you must be:

  • A South African citizen with a valid ID,
  • Over the age of 21 and mentally competent to sign a contract,
  • Married or living with a partner, or single and have dependants (single military veterans or aged people without dependents also qualify),
  • Earn less than R3 500 per month per household (so, if two people in your family earn and these earnings amount to more than R3 500 per month you will not qualify),
  • A first time government subsidy recipient,
  • A first time homeowner.

To apply for a government subsidy house, you need to take the following documents to your nearest customer care centre:

  • Applicant and spouse’s identity documents (green book or ID card),
  • Certified copies of birth certificates of children,
  • Proof of income if working, eg pay slip.

You will be asked to fill in a housing subsidy application form and will then be registered on the Municipal Housing Demands Database – this is a “waiting list”. Only once a housing development is completed and if you are next on the list, will you be given keys and a title deed to your home – but it can take many years.

The next step after the application procedure, is to take the housing waiting list check.

The waiting list is to check your registration status, and if your application process has begun. You can check your status either using an internet device, visiting your closest Satellite Office or Provincial Office. Below are details on the housing waiting list check.

1. HSS online RDP houses
The purpose of the Housing Subsidy System online is to serve a single point of entry to housing subsidy in South Africa. It provides access to visitors on the housing statistics based on actual information derived from the provincial human settlements database. HSS online will give access to live data relating to registered users in specific projects.

2. How to check my RDP house online
The Online Housing Subsidy Portal system serves as a single point of entry for Housing Subsidy related matters. The portal provides access to visitors on actual housing statistics information taken from provincial housing databases. Registered users will have access to live data relating to their specific projects. The system only needs you to enter your national ID number in the search box. You can also go to your municipality’s website.

3. How to check my RDP house
After you have applied, you will receive proof of registration (form C). The form shows your application number and date. To check if your name status is on the provincial waiting list, carry the form to the nearest Provincial Office or Satellite Office. If your name appears in the record, then the process has begun. Alternatively, you can check your status by calling the main number 0800 146 873.

This process can take months or even years, depending on what waiting list you applied. Also, your position will differ depending on unit size and preference status. Remember to inform the Satellite Office if there is any change in your:

  • Residential and postal details;
  • Your health status;
  • Your working status (if you find or lose your job).

Visit local housing offices and websites to stay informed.

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