All you need to know about Uber rate in South Africa

Uber is a popular ridesharing app that is in use around most of the world and provides a convenient alternative to the old taxi system.

If you have any questions such as how much is Uber per km, we are here to help you understand the rates. Read on to learn more.

Uber South Africa rates

Since its introduction in many countries, Uber has had to deal with numerous challenges, the main being opposition from the old taxi system and lower earnings for drivers. The latter was addressed as from 7th December 2018, when Uber rates for drivers were raised by an average of 5 percent. These are the UberX and UberXL variants (which are not available in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth). The updated prices in Uber rates per km are as follows:

There is also an Uber rate per minute as shown below:

The app always gives you the Uber fare estimate using the upfront pricing and fare estimator features. These features make up the Uber cost calculator.

However, there is also dynamic pricing which means that the fare is affected by local factors such as many people requesting rides at once. It is better to check beforehand on the upfront price estimate to see whether there is a price surge in effect.

Uber ride options 2020

There are different types of rides for you to choose from depending on your budget, destination and other factors. They are:

  • UberX – the standard variant. Vehicles are required to be 2013 model or newer and seat 4 people, e.g. Toyota Corolla.
  • UberXL – this is the shuttle option available in Cape Town. Required to seat at least 6 people with space in the boot. Ideal for large groups travelling to places such as to or from the airport.
  • UberVAN – similar to UberXL but available in Johannesburg.
  • UberASSIST – this option is for the elderly and disabled people or those with special access needs. However, these vehicles do not feature a wheelchair ramp. Available in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
  • UberGO – this is the cheapest option and consists of small hatchbacks that are used for short distances such as trips to the nearest mall for your shopping. Available in Port Elizabeth.
  • UberBLACK – this is the executive option for those who want to travel in style and luxury. It is obviously more costly. Vehicles are high-end black cars with air conditioning and well-maintained leather interiors. They are usually Mercedes Benz, Audi or BMW. Ideal for business executives and date nights.

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